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  1. Gary Kleppe commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Chuckles, you can always cherry-pick some offhand comment and use it to bash whatever group you want to. Doesn’t mean anything.

    Modern-day so-called conservatives want the government to take money away from the poor and middle class and give it to the rich. You support war anywhere, anytime (except maybe if a Democrat started it) so long as YOU don’t have to fight it. These are not random remarks by some random celebrity who happens to agree with conservatism some of the time. They’re what conservatism is all about.

  2. Gary Kleppe commented on Jim Morin 7 days ago

    According to official US foreign policy, as practiced by administrations of both parties, Saudi Arabia is on our side. You may say it’s a stupid policy, and I wouldn’t argue if you did.

  3. Gary Kleppe commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    Remember when Saudi Arabia forced our high school textbooks to be rewritten to conform to a version of history approved by their religion? Me neither.

  4. Gary Kleppe commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    If you live in Texas, it probably does. Saudi Arabia is on our side, by the way.

  5. Gary Kleppe commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    Their evil intentions come with medieval-style theocracy. OUR evil intentions come with the monopolization of economic and political power by a tiny self-appointed elite that commands the biggest imperial military force in history; and while we’re not theocratic, we’re perfectly willing to play footsie with theocrats when they serve our purposes — see Saudi Arabia or even most state legislatures south of the Mason-Dixon line. I couldn’t tell you which is worse, but it’s pretty obvious which is the more dangerous.

  6. Gary Kleppe commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    Notice the difference between the two figures in the cartoon. One of them is a foreign agent who is there under the pretext of helping the Iraqis but is actually there to serve his own country’s interests, specifically the interests of the narrow faction that wields power there, and has no intention of leaving. The other one is, of course, Iranian.

  7. Gary Kleppe commented on Clay Bennett 9 days ago

    Yeah, I know how this goes.

    The lion’s share of wealth and property in the hands of white people: NOT racist.

    Legacy admissions, good ol’ boy clubs, and other policies that favor whites: NOT racist.

    A legal system where persons of color get disproportionately targeted and where whites can commit violence against them with impunity: NOT racist.

    Pointing out any of the above, especially if you offer possible remedies: RACIST.

    That about cover it?

  8. Gary Kleppe commented on Chan Lowe 10 days ago

    Chuckles, I don’t worship the Clintons. I sincerely hope that a real Democrat like Sanders or Warren get nominated next year. I’m sure they have done plenty of things wrong — giving us NAFTA is a big one — but that doesn’t make any of your allegations credible.

  9. Gary Kleppe commented on Chan Lowe 10 days ago

    At this point the Clintons are basically invulnerable. The Rs have thrown so many “scandals” at them that turned out to be nothing but hot air. Even if they ever find a real one, nobody outside the media and wingnut bubbles is likely to care.

  10. Gary Kleppe commented on Non Sequitur 17 days ago

    Hey, where are the trophy wives?