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  1. BikeMobile commented on The Dinette Set over 2 years ago


  2. BikeMobile commented on Arlo and Janis over 2 years ago

    6L6, 5U4, 12AX7

    Guitar amp?
    Only need two more for a standard 5-tube receiver.
    Maybe we could break out the ham sets and relay for Arlo?

  3. BikeMobile commented on C'est la Vie over 2 years ago

    Do we know when HIS birthday is?

  4. BikeMobile commented on On A Claire Day over 2 years ago

    Claire didn’t say “happily married to my father for almost 25 years”

  5. BikeMobile commented on Fort Knox over 2 years ago

    Swinging probabilities toward the female fertilization with the classic diet/timing/finale methods is just not as much fun.

  6. BikeMobile commented on Barkeater Lake over 2 years ago

    Must be another Dr. Phil. Last I heard the TV host one was still drawing breath in a warmer place.

  7. BikeMobile commented on Speechless over 2 years ago

    If there was a camera on that rifle, the video of that move on YouTube will get the hunter lots more attention than hanging that rack on his wall would have.

  8. BikeMobile commented on Skin Horse over 2 years ago

    Nuance has an app for that. Probably wouldn’t work on that zombie computer.

  9. BikeMobile commented on Speechless over 2 years ago

    The truffle pig would have plenty of competition with grey squirrlels I imagine. Nuts found by smell don’t even have to be the ones that particular squirrel buried. Community larder. I wonder if the squirrels that make pantries out of hollow trees are so willing to share.

  10. BikeMobile commented on Human Cull over 2 years ago

    Mixed emotions/opinions on this one.
    Blind-spot driving is just another of the government encouraged anarchist practices cultivated by selective enforcement. Speed limit? Isn’t that a speed below which you get ticketed for blocking traffic? Blind spot? Anti-side-swipe staggered-file leaves room to squeeze into one lane at any speed, to open a lane for emergency vehicles. Just always accelerate to change lanes either direction and slow to establish safe following distance (Hah). Blind-spot should not exist with proper mirror aim. Big-rig truckers seem to do really well at not crunching what they can’t see.