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  1. lonecat commented on Ken Catalino about 5 hours ago

    Your answer suggests to me that you are okay with at least some features of socialism, in particularly the idea that natural resources should be owned by the society as a whole rather than by individuals.

  2. lonecat commented on Ken Catalino about 8 hours ago

    How do you feel about that? Is it a fair system?

  3. lonecat commented on Mike Lester about 8 hours ago

    Is it high definition?

  4. lonecat commented on Ken Catalino about 9 hours ago

    And thinking further, I have relatives, mostly in my grandparents’ generation, who owned little gold mines up in the mountains of Colorado. On the rare occasions when they found some gold, who owned it?

  5. lonecat commented on Ken Catalino about 9 hours ago

    That I did not know. Thanks. Do you know how it works in practice? Do private mining companies pay royalties, as the oil companies do in Alberta?

  6. lonecat commented on Ken Catalino about 10 hours ago

    Here’s an interesting fact about socialism. Many people argue that the essence of socialism is public ownership of the means of production, including natural resources. (I think that definition is misleading, but that’s another discussion.) The idea is that the profits from common natural resources should go to society in general. For example, the province of Alberta, Canada owns sub-soil resources. (It’s a little more complicated, but that’s the basic idea.) Private companies are allowed to develop these resources, but the oil companies have to pay a royalty to the province. Now that’s pretty socialistic. And Alberta is generally considered one of the more conservative regions of Canada. It’s certainly not totalitarian.

  7. lonecat commented on Ken Catalino about 10 hours ago

    The essence of socialism is the principle that social problems require social solutions. Socialism grew up as a response to brutal working conditions caused by industrialization (see, for example, Engels’ book on the Condition of the Working Class in 1844), and also in response to a political and social theory that tried to justify those conditions through an individualistic theory of human relations. Socialists fought for child labor laws, the eight-hour working day, health and safety regulations, the right to unionize.

  8. lonecat commented on Ted Rall about 21 hours ago

    Hey, Canada invented both insulin and poutine, two of the pillars of modern civilization.

  9. lonecat commented on Clay Jones about 23 hours ago

    Surely you don’t mean that the prices should be regulated!!

  10. lonecat commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    On capitalist principles, what did he do wrong?