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  1. lonecat commented on Tom Toles about 8 hours ago

    People are pretty good at thinking about more or less human sized things, mice to elephants, and human sized time scales, maybe up to your grandchildren, but it’s an effort to go beyond these measures. For most of human history, that’s all that was needed. But now things have changed. If we’re going to make it through, we need to think about the planet as a whole, and we need to think about thousands of years. I teach ancient history, and what I really try to do is to get the students to think about time. I go back to about 2000 BC, that is, about four thousand years ago. At the beginning of the term, I ask the students to draw a time line from 2000 BC to now and I ask them to place some important events on the time line. Then I ask them to draw the time line 4000 years into the future and I ask them to imagine important events that might happen in the future. The point is to get them to think about the long duration of history and to think about the future as history. I also do a class session I call “The world of the Ancient Canadians”. I ask them to imagine a history class two thousand years in the future and I ask them to image how the teacher would teach our time from the perspective of their time. What would have remained in existence, what would be lost? What would still make sense and what about our time would be very strange to people of the future. These are interesting mental exercises, and they teach something very important.

  2. lonecat commented on Glenn McCoy 3 days ago

    Thanks for that link, it was very informative.

  3. lonecat commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    After I killed it I ate it. I didn’t want to waste the meat.

  4. lonecat commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    I killed a mosquito once. Does that make me a manly man?

  5. lonecat commented on Rebecca Hendin 4 days ago

    A classy cartoon. Hendin has been a great addition to the list of cartoonists.

  6. lonecat commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    Anyone who paid any attention knew this was going on. I remember seeing police rough people up back in the 60s. It was standard operating procedure. And a lot of Southern cops were part of the racist machine. We need police, and a lot of police do a good job, but the bad cops have been protected too long.

  7. lonecat commented on Signe Wilkinson 4 days ago

    There’s something a little more comfortable that works pretty well.

  8. lonecat commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    The best that can be said about this cartoon is that Ramirez is getting ahead of the story. The worst that can be said…

  9. lonecat commented on Darrin Bell 5 days ago

    I assume that all these so-called Republican candidates are just ringers, performing for our entertainment as an opening comedy act, and sometime before the first primary the RNC will unveil the real set of candidates.

  10. lonecat commented on Clay Bennett 5 days ago

    Sorry to hear about your digits. Me, it’s my knees. I suppose it’s good to be getting older, rather than the alternative, but it’s not always convenient.

    I don’t expect to change minds when I post. In this instance, I think our friend is mostly interested in proving to himself, if to no one else, that all those gun control people really want to take away all the guns. So even when I explicitly say that I think there are lots of situations in which people should be allowed to have guns, he tries to twist my words the way he wants. So I’m not going to get upset if he can’t read a plain statement. I post to try to clarify my own thinking, and I read the posts of people who can educate me — you, Baslim, martens, Hiram, omQ, motive, and so on, all good smart people with lots to say.