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  1. lonecat commented on Jim Morin about 2 hours ago

    Some people are all in favor of obeying the law until it starts to pinch their toes.

  2. lonecat commented on Jim Morin about 4 hours ago

    The language of the Bill of Rights (like the language of other parts of the Constitution) is often somewhat vague. That’s not necessarily a fault; that vagueness allows for interpretations which take into account changing circumstances and changing attitudes. As a consequence, you have to look to the history of court rulings to have a sense of what the Bill of Rights means. And the courts agree that the doctrines of any particular religion can’t be imposed on citizens in general. To my way of thinking, that’s freedom from religion.

  3. lonecat commented on Robert Ariail about 5 hours ago

    It APPEARS that the conservatives have no scruples.

  4. lonecat commented on Rob Rogers about 7 hours ago

    I don’t think there’s a clear dividing line between fetus and child. Life would be much easier if we could always find absolute binaries, yes/no, good/bad, but life isn’t like that. Part of wisdom is learning that life presents us with difficult cases. Late term abortions should be performed only under extreme circumstances, and that’s in fact what happens.

  5. lonecat commented on Lisa Benson about 8 hours ago

    Thanks for this post. A good analysis.

  6. lonecat commented on Robert Ariail about 10 hours ago

    I asked for evidence, and I didn’t get any.

  7. lonecat commented on Gary Varvel about 21 hours ago

    The Bible is in the long wrong correct? A little slip there, eh? I agree that the Bible was never meant to be a science text, so why should anyone believe in creationism? But I didn’t say anything about the Bible. My point was creationism, which does claim to be scientific. And I repeat, no one who believes in creationism should be President.

  8. lonecat commented on Gary Varvel about 21 hours ago

    Would you be happy if someone who believes that the earth is flat were to be President?

  9. lonecat commented on Ted Rall 1 day ago

    Derrida was a French philosopher, who first came to attention in the late 1960s; he is most associated with a theory called Deconstruction, which challenges a lot of the ideas of the Western philosophic tradition, especially Enlightenment ideas. Foucault (not associated with the pendulum) was a French historian (?); a lot of historians find his work vague without empirical foundation. He changed his mind a couple of times, so it’s hard to pin him down, but a couple of his important points are (1) each intellectual era is characterized by what he calls an episteme, that is, more or less, a set of assumed ideas which determine what kinds of questions can even be posed; translation from the ideas of one era to those an another is problematic; (2) ideas are closely associated with power relationships, which pervade any society. In the US in the 1970s and beyond a lot of literary academics rather uncritically fell under their sway. Personally, I think Foucault makes a few good points, but Derrida is mostly useless. Chomsky is great; wrong, but great. I’m talking about his linguistics, by the way, not his political writings.

  10. lonecat commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    You seem to assume that everyone who believes in God is a creationist. In fact, there are lots and lots of intelligent and educated theists (including Christians) who understand that there is no serious scientific theory which can compete with (some version of) evolution.