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  1. lonecat commented on Marshall Ramsey about 5 hours ago

    Well, it was a pretty lame list I was responding to. I notice you didn’t answer either of my points.

  2. lonecat commented on Clay Jones about 17 hours ago

    Vote your conscience, if you have one. If not, vote your self-interest.

  3. lonecat commented on Mike Lester about 17 hours ago

    Yeah, let’s make everyone conform. That’s freedom.

  4. lonecat commented on Michael Ramirez about 17 hours ago

    Ramirez is consistently mendacious.

  5. lonecat commented on Marshall Ramsey about 18 hours ago

    A remarkable list of misunderstandings of various kinds. Is it worth going through this in detail to show where it goes wrong? Perhaps not. Just a couple to give an idea:
    “Abortion doesn’t kill babies”. Well, that’s a matter of definition. Abortion kills fetuses or embryos, sure. I don’t believe that a first trimester fetus is a baby. We can argue the point, but not if you beg the question by putting your definition forward as if it were the unquestioned truth.
    “Man-made global warming will cause human extinction.” I certainly hope it won’t, and I don’t expect it will (though something will, sometime, in the long run.) But let’s say what liberal really say. “Man-made global warming is going to make big changes to the ecosystem; some of these we already can see happening, and some we can predict with confidence. The chances are that life will be a lot less pleasant because of these changes. Liberals would like to minimize the changes so that our descendants will have better lives.”
    And I could go on.
    I realize that these positions are a little more complex than the strawmen you put forward, but they are much closer to what liberals actually believe. If you’re going to be against something, you should try to be honest about what it is that you’re against.

  6. lonecat commented on Jerry Holbert 2 days ago

    “Brad Pitt and I…”

  7. lonecat commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    I gave up on commenting on Ramirez because of toons like this one. My comments would not be polite.

  8. lonecat commented on Lisa Benson 4 days ago

    A very passionate post. I respect your opinion, but I just don’t agree. Not that I think Obama is perfect. He’s too conservative for me, but probably about as good as we will get in this political atmosphere. Most of what you say, I note, has to do with his personality, not with his policies. Overall, I think his policies rate something like a B+. The domestic economy is doing much better than it was when he was elected. There is a lot of racial turmoil, but (a) it’s not his fault, and (b) it was always there, now it’s coming out into the open, and maybe that a good thing. In foreign policy, I think the Iran deal is a very good thing. I think that Obama has made some real progress on climate change policy around the world, and that may be the single most important issue there is now. The mess in the middle East is a mess; I don’t know if Obama has made it any better, but I don’t know that he’s made it worse. The worst damage clearly was made by the previous administration, and Obama has had a lot on his hands just to try to clean up what he was left. I think that moderation and minimal military involvement is probably the safest course. And in terms of running his administration, he has picked good people, and his administration has been remarkably free of scandal. He does talk like a college professor, but hey, that’s what he is. I don’t mind that, because it shows that he’s thoughtful, not just a mouthful of sound bites.

  9. lonecat commented on Jeff Stahler 4 days ago

    The analogy is insensitive but also stupid. We make risk assessments all the time, though we often aren’t very good at it. Every time you drive to work there is a chance that you will be in a fatal accident, but you don’t stay home. Canada is welcoming many tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, and I don’t feel in danger as I walk down the street in Toronto.

  10. lonecat commented on Tom Toles 5 days ago

    I’m convinced, and I promise I won’t vote for Obama this time.