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  1. victoria2 commented on Luann 14 days ago

    This looks more like Palomar College every day. Hope it is not based on actual fact.

  2. victoria2 commented on The Fusco Brothers 23 days ago

    Another cartoon from gocomics that already ran a week ago

  3. victoria2 commented on Cul de Sac 23 days ago

    What’s going on? This is a repeat from last week.

  4. victoria2 commented on Luann 23 days ago

    The building looks a lot like Palomar College. Hope the Art Department hasn’t changed that much.

  5. victoria2 commented on Steve Breen 25 days ago

    Insurance files and court records are filled filled with cases where doctors have falsified records or worked with patients to cheat private insurance and government agencies. What makes a doctor the supreme decider that someone should die. What if a family member who stands to inherit offers the Dr. money to make the “right” decision. There is a doctor out there who will accept it and become a hired killer.

  6. victoria2 commented on Bad Reporter 26 days ago

    I suspected he was a bonehead.

  7. victoria2 commented on Freshly Squeezed about 1 month ago

    Liz drives me nuts. She tries to control her father, her husband and her poor kid.

  8. victoria2 commented on Family Tree 2 months ago

    I’m not much older than Twig and her brother but I do know how to be polite and shake hands. They are acting like jerks. Their parents should have taught them 14 years ago.

  9. victoria2 commented on Luann 3 months ago

    The trend to “teaching” conceptual art is a cop-out unless accompanied by foundational design information and the opportunity to build skills. Yes, the need to examine oneself can be beneficial but, in the real world art market, skills are what matter because not everyone is going to be selling work in New York galleries. Artists are needed in industry, video work, advertising, movie making, fashion, entertaining via cartooning,as well as the traditional stuff people call ART.
    This instructor is doing an art therapy technique in a classroom without thinking of potential consequences to fragile students.

  10. victoria2 commented on Brevity 11 months ago

    No, it is NOT superfluous.