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  1. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    Exactly what type of injury would a SpongeBob band-aid be picture-coded for anyway?

  2. cutiepie29 commented on Basic Instructions 15 days ago

    I tried this “insult” on my son and he just laughed. I don’t think it phased him at all.

  3. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 17 days ago

    Oh yeah, way to go, Mom! I wonder if something like that would work around my house. Eh, probably not.

  4. cutiepie29 commented on Thatababy 17 days ago

    Yep, I resemble this strip. Definitely too old for that blork.

  5. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 21 days ago

    I know, I was just being a bit silly because my 9-year-old son was sitting by me and basically dared me to post that bit of pedantic nit-picking.

  6. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 22 days ago

    I thought Dill’s brothers had a trebuchet, not a catapult.

  7. cutiepie29 commented on Imagine This 24 days ago

    Oh, anyone who thinks that bunnies are helpless doesn’t know bunnies. Clovis better watch himself, or those bunnies will rip him apart.

  8. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets about 1 month ago

    As my children can all attest, it is my strongly held belief that Food Should Not Be Blue!

  9. cutiepie29 commented on Thatababy about 1 month ago

    Ha, ha, ha! As a mom of a two week old, this just made me laugh long and hard. Those soon-to-be parents are (as my older sons like to put it) such NOOBS!

  10. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 3 months ago

    The “no sympathy” part makes me think of when my father had a hernia surgery. As he is not as fit as he’d been in his younger days, he jiggled some of his excess belly at the doctor during a follow-up visit and complained, “The swelling just isn’t going down!” As you might expect, he got a chuckle, but no sympathy at all.