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  1. cutiepie29 commented on Speechless about 23 hours ago

    No, no, little bear. You are supposed to let a professional remove the organ(s) for donation. It is not supposed to be a DIY job.

  2. cutiepie29 commented on Moderately Confused 8 days ago

    I guess it’s in the right place, then.

  3. cutiepie29 commented on The Elderberries 14 days ago

    It’s the Kiwi fruit that I wonder about. It is fuzzy brown on the outside and slimy green on the inside. Who on earth looked at one and thought, “I’ll just take a bite of that.”

  4. cutiepie29 commented on Moderately Confused 15 days ago

    Yep, me too! Mine are boys, now age 8.

  5. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 19 days ago

    I’m going to print this one out and tape it to either our refrigerator or perhaps to the television. My boys are frequently telling me “Hunger up to 9000!” but when I ask what they want, they kind of stare at me blankly.

  6. cutiepie29 commented on The Buckets 21 days ago

    Or, as my eldest son used as his excuse for hitting/kicking his younger brother: “He was getting into my personal space, with stuff!”

  7. cutiepie29 commented on Cul de Sac 21 days ago

    Not so cute, when it happens to you, eh Andre?

  8. cutiepie29 commented on Thatababy 22 days ago

    Nope, not breaking it with a chicken either.

  9. cutiepie29 commented on MythTickle 23 days ago

    Me too, and I ask if they are on sale.

  10. cutiepie29 commented on Fort Knox 24 days ago

    Ah, but Donald, you fail to realize that you can’t take that money out by yourself. You have to have an adult with you, and none of the adults in your life are going to allow it.