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  1. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis 5 months ago

    @Barbara Ward
    Let’s run away together! Seriously, your husband is one lucky man.

  2. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis 8 months ago

    Nos Nevets: excellent points. What people fail to understand is that Islam is not a religion in the sense that most modern people understand the term. Islam is a a way of life, hence the concept of sharia law, and is incompatible with the Western ideals of freedom of thought, religion, etc. It is ironic that some comments cite a vision of post-Armageddon life being primitive; if the vision of fundamental Islamists comes to pass, we’ll all be living life just as they did in the 6th Century. I used to be tolerant, but now I see that the best defense is to snuff out the cancer; the modern world needs to be just as ruthless in our quest to eradicate as fundamental Islam is in its quest to eradicate us.

  3. RIP_MARCO commented on Matt Bors 10 months ago

    @Cinci Steve, If Christians are law-abiding, how do you explain the cars speeding down our street when the local church empties out on Sunday morning?

  4. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis 12 months ago

    “Ouch!” isn’t my expletive of choice when I nick myself in the kitchen…just saying.

  5. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 year ago

    DST? To quote Homer Simpson, “Stupid farmers!”

  6. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 year ago

    Great strip. We got a middle of the night call exactly one year ago from the local PD; our daughter had been involved in a serious car crash. She’s back to health, but now every time the phone rings after 10PM, my wife and I both immediately go into “oh sh#t” mode.

  7. RIP_MARCO commented on Bliss about 1 year ago

    Not that it matters but…he forgot the “r” in “turmeric”.

  8. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 year ago

    Canine equal time: two Pomeranians plus one mutt Terrier equals winter warmth as well (and a crowded full-size bed)!

  9. RIP_MARCO commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    Arlo! Don’t be a lollipop, you can use the grill year-round!

  10. RIP_MARCO commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    What??? Who doesn’t want more stuff? How dare he assail the meaning of Christmas in America? Must be one of those pinko, Socialist, atheists waging a war on our Christmas!