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  1. ag72 commented on Garfield almost 2 years ago

    Wah-ha! Ha! ha! ha! ha!

  2. ag72 commented on Garfield about 2 years ago

    Great one.

  3. ag72 commented on B.C. over 2 years ago

    Nice to see the aardvark back .. been a while!!

  4. ag72 commented on Andy Capp over 2 years ago

    Andy can be so brutally honest …love him!!

  5. ag72 commented on Garfield over 2 years ago

    How you say “Das Boot” Garfield?

  6. ag72 commented on Garfield over 2 years ago

    Haven’t seen Garfield having coffee for a while now. I used to enjoy my first coffee with a read of the comics, esp Garfield. Get some coffee Garfield :0))

  7. ag72 commented on Fred Basset over 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Fred!!