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  1. guitarpicker56 commented on Speed Bump 3 months ago

    Simply drag it on out . . .

  2. guitarpicker56 commented on In the Bleachers about 1 year ago

    Find whose leg it is and you’re on to something big . . . besides the hill of legs.

  3. guitarpicker56 commented on Speed Bump about 1 year ago

    My favorite is the first one—E.

  4. guitarpicker56 commented on Momma about 1 year ago

    Anyone wearing a military uniform without first earning the right is guilty of stolen valor. Let’s hope Francis doesn’t go out in public wearing his dad’s uniform—even if it’s only a cartoon.

  5. guitarpicker56 commented on Peanuts about 1 year ago

    Is that the “little red-headed girl” Charlie’s been wanting to have the courage to meet?

  6. guitarpicker56 commented on Loose Parts about 1 year ago

    Start with a fragrance that smells of fried chicken.

  7. guitarpicker56 commented on Rubes over 1 year ago

    And it’s most important to teach those armadillos how it’s done!

  8. guitarpicker56 commented on Cornered almost 2 years ago

    The only virgins those terrorists will get are seven crusty old nuns bearing AK-47s.

  9. guitarpicker56 commented on In the Bleachers almost 2 years ago

    Good to the last drop, and that last drop hurt more than expected.

  10. guitarpicker56 commented on Pooch Cafe about 2 years ago

    A prolific writer will usually place his character into a corner that will take ingenuity to move him out. Let’s see what Paul does next for hapless Poncho. Living in house filled with cats and now the neighborhood squirrels are showing no mercy? Ah, the suspense . . .