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  1. Tom L commented on Geech 6 months ago

    I think neither the driver or the cop are wearing pants.

  2. Tom L commented on Monty 6 months ago

    I can also recall an old ad for maxell cassette tape. The subject in the ad was seated just like Monty. He was indoors in front of his speakers, and his scarf was blown back from the awesome sound contained on his maxell tape.

  3. Tom L commented on FoxTrot Classics about 3 years ago

    Ctrl alt left arrow didn’t change a thing on my computer. If it annoyed me enough, I guess I would just turn the notebook sideways.

  4. Tom L commented on Big Nate about 3 years ago

    Floats like a butterfly, stings like Ali…

  5. Tom L commented on One Big Happy about 3 years ago

    @dennis17 She reminds me of Marcie, who used to tag along with Peppermint Patty in the Peanuts strip. She seems to be serving the same function here.

  6. Tom L commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    Many grocery stores with an ethnic aisle or area will have a product called ginger beer. It is non alcoholic, tastes nothing like beer,and leaves a slight burn in the throat on the way down. I believe it is very similar to the Jamaican ginger sodas. I think ginger beer is a little stronger than Vernor’s, but the oak casks Vernor’s was aged in did always give it a different taste than just ginger.

  7. Tom L commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    A lot of kids fill their heads with trash, but this one filled the trash with his head!

  8. Tom L commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    All of the above.

  9. Tom L commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    Indeed it does. Watterson was the best I have ever seen at capturing the mind of a child, and the things he did with snowmen will probably never be touched in the comics again.

  10. Tom L commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    Hitting Hacker in the head is far more impressive than a stomach shot!