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  1. Senor_Bob commented on Chuckle Bros 19 days ago

    “At the end of the Day” chalk it up as another banned phrase!

  2. Senor_Bob commented on Rubes 19 days ago

    I suppose the next question is, do you count geigers? and will you be asking the twin doctors for a second opin ion

  3. Senor_Bob commented on Strange Brew 5 months ago

    8 1/2: Guido Anselmi (Marcello Mastroianni or Lassie), a famous Italian film director, is suffering from “director’s block”. Stalled on his new science fiction film that includes veiled autobiographical references, he has lost interest amid artistic and marital difficulties. As Guido struggles half-heartedly to work on the film, a series of flashbacks and dreams delve into his memories and fantasies; they are frequently interwoven with reality.

  4. Senor_Bob commented on Chuckle Bros about 1 year ago

    Barkeeper at the Beekeeper’s Inn?

  5. Senor_Bob commented on Free Range over 2 years ago

    Just a simple Misspelling of the word “INTERPRETIVE

  6. Senor_Bob commented on The Flying McCoys about 3 years ago

    But where did the stick come from? It’s a palm tree, they don’t have branches!

  7. Senor_Bob commented on Chuckle Bros over 3 years ago

    The “D I F F E R E N C E” is a word written vertically between the two images…

  8. Senor_Bob commented on Wizard of Id over 3 years ago

    It’s the Helmet… If the Hun was riding a Motorcycle he would be required to have a helmet that is approved by the D.O.T [Transportation]

  9. Senor_Bob commented on The Duplex over 3 years ago

    Yeh, who’s the broad? Did Eno and Fang elope last night?

  10. Senor_Bob commented on Tom Toles about 4 years ago

    But can anyone explain the Cialus Ad? Why are they sitting in separate bathtubs outside where there are no plumbing connections and the tubs are a style that can only be called “out-dated”?