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  1. comixluver commented on Working Daze 9 days ago

    Nothing like dropping a 5000 card deck on way to the hopper, 10 minutes before mainframe went down for maintenance at 2 am and that run had to go and be printed for 8 am pickup. If you could type by touch on a keypunch you were doing goooooddddd….

  2. comixluver commented on Wizard of Id 3 months ago

    I really don’t get this one…

  3. comixluver commented on Working Daze 4 months ago

    On the court or off, Rita IS consistent.

  4. comixluver commented on Aunty Acid 4 months ago

    they are even having the continually running ‘ad before we run the ad’ video streamer on the right doing that slanty stripe bit instead of displaying. Rather refreshing, don’t have to try to shut the bleeper off.

  5. comixluver commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Here’s hoping her uncle is also involved with Smile Train or something similar….

  6. comixluver commented on Luann 5 months ago

    This kind of stuff I got clued in on before I went to college, I was there the MINUTE they unlocked the doors to the dorm to move in. That way I was there before something else showed up. Looks like Bern got a returning upperclassman as a roomie…

    And if I was Bernice I’d march the paper bag and ferret down to the HR (head resident) and turn them in. And ask for a room reassignment NOW.

  7. comixluver commented on Working Daze 6 months ago

    You missed it
    it was quite a while back actually, almost a year ago… 8/19/13. Check the archives.

  8. comixluver commented on Working Daze 6 months ago

    I’m surprised that she actually had that one sink in…

  9. comixluver commented on Luann Bonus Material 6 months ago

    Missed the chance to vote, but. Hoping that he learned from the Meals bit and that what he levered on Ann Eiffel was the new TJ. As for the calm and cool, TJ rarely has ruffled no matter what happened in his life.

  10. comixluver commented on Working Daze 6 months ago

    Dilbert site many years back had a contest for boss-revenge, the winner was a gal-Friday secretary that cancelled her boss’ reservations for two weeks in Maui during the height of tourist time, when they called to confirm; because she hadn’t been allowed to take a sick or vacation day in six years. It was hoped she got a good attorney and owns the company now…

    If I was Dana I would have put her cousin in as temp and let Rita learn what a gem she has in Dana!