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  1. Dr Solar commented on Glenn McCoy 10 days ago

    Its thought control. Define the flag. If someone burns a flag that has 15 stripes or 55 stars for instance. If you burn a tshirt that has the flag on it, is that covered? All a bunch of jingoistic bulldooky. My redneck father who fought in the S.Pacific in WWII did not support putting an icon above the rights of a person.

  2. Dr Solar commented on Ted Rall almost 4 years ago

    Im from the government and Im here to help

  3. Dr Solar commented on The Duplex about 5 years ago

    So all the holier than thou vegans probably believe that everyone including indigenous natives must be relocated to temperate climes so they can grow enough food to live… them darn Eskimos and other extreme clime peoples are heathens and don’t deserve to live cuz they live off the land they have lived on for centuries…

  4. Dr Solar commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    What is the bill number that gives the 21 billion tax break, where can you find out about the subsidy legislation, also, the legislation that authorized the kickbacks. I’m not internet savvy enough to find these references.

  5. Dr Solar commented on Mike Luckovich over 5 years ago

    Guess I missed the report that shows there are special tax breaks for oil companies… I thought they had the same tax laws I used to amortize my expenses etc etc that every corp has a right to use…

  6. Dr Solar commented on The Duplex over 5 years ago

    Fang starts the high 5 with his left but the next panel shows his right was used for the high 5 arc

  7. Dr Solar commented on Garfield over 5 years ago

    My cat won’t eat pizza or lasagna, prefers raw burger or cooked lobster.

  8. Dr Solar commented on Dana Summers over 5 years ago

    Actually, there has been and continues to be looting there, its just not publicized like our National Enquirer style of reporting though from the pics there is not much left worth looting. OK, nowhere near the amount of looting of the typical Katrina report but some nonetheless. (I didn’t say anything about murders.) Source is from an email from an engineer friend in Tokyo. Don’t put a society on a pedestal that likes to rewrite history of WWII and ignore their role, behavior and treatment of indigenous peoples and prisoners when they invaded Korea, China, Indonesia, Philippines and the USA (only 65 years ago).

  9. Dr Solar commented on Glenn McCoy over 5 years ago

    I think its healthy to contribute to an outlet that does not kiss ass. What are they really afraid of even if its totally biased. If anyone’s stand is so weak that it can’t take some biased criticism they deserve what they get. Just like certain religions/cults that are so weak that it can’t stand up to criticism, sarcasm, poking fun at that they profess to kill all that are not believers. The various incantations of christians are constantly poking fun at their own belief system without the walls tumbling down… at least after the inquisition, and McCarthy, and… well, OK nobody’s perfect, except Tiger Charlie Shine of course, OMG I am a sinner!

  10. Dr Solar commented on Ted Rall almost 6 years ago

    Razor-sharp wit for sure, tho you would be surprised at how many choose to believe such a stretch of credulity