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  1. treesareus commented on Off the Mark 4 days ago

    I was in law enforcement and was called for jury duty for a case I had worked on. I took my witness subpoena and my jury summons to the lady that sent out jury summons and was excused from jury duty.

  2. treesareus commented on Aunty Acid 9 days ago

    Block all the requests. Even a non computer type can do it, for I am a non computer type. Click on the “lock” icon. Click “more settings”. Click “Blocking”, it is the red icon on the left side under “Privacy”. In the bottom space “Block Apps” type the name of the game and it won’t appear anymore.

  3. treesareus commented on Fort Knox 9 days ago

    I executed a search warrant on time on a guy that stole signs. He had a brand new sign “Coot’s Roost Day Use Area”, posts and all set in the ground next to his garage. That sign was worth well over $1,000. When I visited with the judge to get the search warrant he said “I go there all the time and I’ve never seen that sign.” I told him that is because it hadn’t been there a week before it was stolen. I seized lots of signs from inside the garage, probably in the tens of thousands of dollars worth of signs. He gained a felony conviction for possession of stolen property.

  4. treesareus commented on Soup to Nutz 11 days ago

    Yes, A&W is still in business.

  5. treesareus commented on The Other Coast 12 days ago

    Careful, you are about to step on your cousin, for you share as set of grandparents with that sea lice a few million years ago.

  6. treesareus commented on Lola 12 days ago

    They are the most vocal but far from the largest.

  7. treesareus commented on Frazz 12 days ago

    Glass liners worked better than anything I seen in the last 40 years. Just don’t drop them.

  8. treesareus commented on Drabble 12 days ago

    The last time I watched TV was about 20 years ago. You think your computer is a time waster……

  9. treesareus commented on The Born Loser 12 days ago

    That is the reason I got rid of my cell phone. I had 10 hours of use in 5 years. That was $1,200 down the drain.

  10. treesareus commented on The Born Loser 13 days ago

    $15? Better make it $3 extra.