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  1. treesareus commented on Moderately Confused 2 days ago

    The first, well documented use of firearms in a military conflict was in 1250 AD, some 765 years ago. Many advancements in manufacturing have been made since then and fine, well functioning firearms are being built in home workshops world wide. People remember that Hitler used his gun laws to arrest people with lawfully registered guns, primarily Jewish people and political opponents. They ended up in Hitler’s ovens.

  2. treesareus commented on The Sunshine Club 2 days ago

    The problem with Social Security is that it was set up as a Ponzi scheme. None of the “investments” were ever invested in anything other than spending. If a citizen tried to set up a system like that they would go to jail.

  3. treesareus commented on Graffiti 2 days ago

    The national deficit is the annual amount that a government spends over and above their income. The US national debt is the accumulation of those deficits. The US debt has almost doubled in the last 8 years, from just over $10 trillion to almost $20 trillion. It took 225 years to reach $5.7 trillion in debt and just 15 to push that amount to $20 trillion.

  4. treesareus commented on The Born Loser 2 days ago

    Dogs and many other animals understand what we say. I suspect that plants do not understand anything.

  5. treesareus commented on Pickles 5 days ago

    Some 25 years in law enforcement taught me that some drugged up people don’t respond to pepper spray. It scares the crap out of you when they just blink and keep on fighting you.

  6. treesareus commented on Soup to Nutz 5 days ago

    My grandmother died on the operating table; “dead” for 11 minutes. A day or two after the medical staff revived her she told them what they did and what they talked about. She also said that she was being talked to by long dead family members, asking her to go with them. So, in some cases, yes, you will know when you are dead.

  7. treesareus commented on Ben 10 days ago

    It is my wife that teaches kids to play poker. Poker and cribbage are big things in her family. We have a 5 year old grand nephew that started playing cribbage at 4 years old. He actually wins games against adults now.

  8. treesareus commented on Herman 10 days ago

    It beats being thrown out of the vehicle. I’ve seen that several times. The person is almost always thrown out in front of the rolling vehicle and the vehicle rolls over them. Ya’ know what a fly looks like after you hit it with a fly swatter? It’s the same only bigger.

  9. treesareus commented on Shoe 12 days ago

    Socialists must lie in an attempt to get their point across Chris. In his very long, public life no one ever called Trump “racist” but that is what the Left calls him now. The sad part is the Left’s candidate is part of a continuing criminal enterprise, going back at least to when Bill was Attorney General of Arkansas.

  10. treesareus commented on The Sunshine Club 14 days ago

    They haven’t seen the news reader on KHSL TV in Chico, CA. The poor lady needs to go on a diet big time.