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  1. treesareus commented on Graffiti about 1 hour ago

    Mine gave me Pravistatin to lower my cholesterol. It caused unbearable pain and hearing loss. Now every perfume, cleaning product; any chemical smell causes a headache and great pain. After 3 months of being off of it my hearing is beginning to return.

  2. treesareus commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 hour ago

    If the average citizen knew how easy it is to miss weapons during a frisk they would revolt against TSA.

  3. treesareus commented on Lola 3 days ago

    Our friends, age 74 and 76 went to the movies and complained that it cost them $8.50 each with the senior discount.

  4. treesareus commented on The Flying McCoys 4 days ago

    JEEP = Just Empty Every Pocket

  5. treesareus commented on Herman 5 days ago

    Please explain what the babies did to deserve the death penalty?

  6. treesareus commented on The Buckets 6 days ago

    It is bad when comic strip writers portray characters younger than I am as “old”.

  7. treesareus commented on Shoe 6 days ago

    Perhaps, since the massive funding for the AGW scam comes from the government. The government stands to gain more power over the citizen’s daily lives if they get their wish of an carbon tax.

  8. treesareus commented on Soup to Nutz 7 days ago

    All too true. Many in the media don’t like Trump so they will lie, as Rick has, to make him look bad.

  9. treesareus commented on Soup to Nutz 7 days ago

    Rick Stromoski must be thinking of himself. Mexico is building a border wall along their southern border but, because illegal aliens from Mexico are a cash cow (some $24 billion sent to Mexico every year) they don’t want a wall on the north. Just a 10% tax on the $24 billion would give the USA $2.4 billion a year to build a wall with Mexico paying for it. Vetting ALL migrants is a great idea. Now we have active TB in the US because migrants were not vetted.

  10. treesareus commented on Wizard of Id 9 days ago

    The first well documented use of firearms in a military conflict was in 1250 AD, some 766 years ago. Col. Colt was 17 years old when he built his first working revolver, circa 1830. With that in mind just HOW do you propose to keep criminals from making and carrying firearms? Remember that FBI stats show that over 80% of the crimes involving firearms are committed by people that cannot legally poses firearms. Disarming law abiding citizens will not make them safer.