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  1. treesareus commented on Ben 2 days ago

    After 8 years of being a snowbird I miss staying home for the winter. Yes the snow on our 1/2 mile driveway can take up a bunch of time but I can get indoor projects done after that.

  2. treesareus commented on Lola 2 days ago

    At your age you may want to consider him. Two of those areas of complaint can be changed.

  3. treesareus commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    Respect is earned..

  4. treesareus commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    A Plugger knows how to text? I don’t have a cell phone so I guess I lost my membership as a Plugger.

  5. treesareus commented on The Other Coast 4 days ago

    I’m glad I live where I live. I don’t take the keys out of my truck or lock the house. It would be a long walk for our neighbor if he wanted to pilfer firewood so all he would need to do is ask and I would deliver it.

  6. treesareus commented on Frank & Ernest 6 days ago

    It was the alien worker that took the job at a much lower pay.

  7. treesareus commented on Aunty Acid 7 days ago

    I feel sorry for those of you that are obsessed with movies. They bore me.

  8. treesareus commented on The Born Loser 7 days ago

    That “test” has already taken place. People that know how to make big money will make big money. As for Trump getting a loan from his dad, he would have gotten money someplace and done just as he did. I’ve known one guy that had that touch. He could make more money by accident than I ever did on purpose.

  9. treesareus commented on Aunty Acid 10 days ago

    Mine ranges from old to older. 1940s and early 1950s. They lost me after that.

  10. treesareus commented on Moderately Confused 10 days ago

    Do you REALLY trust your government that much?