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  1. msgreymare commented on Pickles 25 days ago

    Oh, Earl….LOL!!

  2. msgreymare commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    Did Trump not get the most VOTES in the primary? Pretty sure this is what Ramirez means. And as for nuclear codes, etc., the same was said about Reagan and everything turned out okay.

  3. msgreymare commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    @StCleve, why would Jews vote for someone who wants to flood this country with Muslim refugees? Why would any LGBTQ person vote for someone who takes millions of dollars from regimes that stone to death or throw off roofs anyone who might be gay? Why would black people vote for anyone whose party has made them generational welfare slaves for the last 50 years? Whose party has overseen the death and destruction in cities like Chicago and Detroit? I could go on, but hopefully I’ve made myself clear.

  4. msgreymare commented on Pickles 5 months ago

    Unfortunately, due to personal experience, I know what they mean…you can’t LIP-READ if you can’t see!!!

  5. msgreymare commented on For Better or For Worse 6 months ago

    When I finally gave in to peer pressure and got my ears pierced (at age 19), after the first one was done I didn’t want to do the second one!! OUCH!!! Too bad those were the days before wearing a single earring was “in”.

  6. msgreymare commented on Gary Varvel 6 months ago

    At least they still have jobs. Until the automated kiosks are installed.

  7. msgreymare commented on Michael Ramirez 7 months ago

    However, those Walmart self-checkouts cause much loss through shoplifting. Some stores had to take theirs out the losses were so great. Which means even longer lines.

  8. msgreymare commented on Pickles 7 months ago

    I’ve tried that, unfortunately mine doesn’t work that way, either!

  9. msgreymare commented on Michael Ramirez 8 months ago

    Which candidate swept Super Tuesday in 2008 only to lose the nomination to Obama? Don’t be too quick to call this one yet.

  10. msgreymare commented on Luann 8 months ago

    Good decision, Luann! Most actors have too much ego for a “lesser mortal” to have a successful romantic relationship with them.