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  1. TaurusLady commented on John Deering over 3 years ago

    I was thinking Larry David

  2. TaurusLady commented on Jen Sorensen over 3 years ago

    Agreed!!! He is SO annoying….

  3. TaurusLady commented on Jim Morin over 3 years ago

    I keep hearing how many NEW jobs are being created every month!! This is nonsense being put out there by the ‘O’……

  4. TaurusLady commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    @pirate227 In the show ‘The
    Borgias’ (on Showtime) they did just that.

  5. TaurusLady commented on Nick Anderson over 3 years ago

    Obama Care is NOT affordable!!!

  6. TaurusLady commented on Non Sequitur over 5 years ago

    billdog ~ I am just sayin’…..am a recovered Catholic and have no interest in organized religion or people who claim to know what God thinks!

  7. TaurusLady commented on Non Sequitur over 5 years ago

    St Mark 10:25 ~

    It is easier for a rope to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

    This from ~ HOLY BIBLE From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts transcribed by George M Lamsa, a native Assyrian born and raised in a part of the ancient biblical land from which Abraham migrated to Palestine.