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Half Full

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  1. SuperMax52 commented on Truth Facts 3 minutes ago

    NOT FUNNY – Smells like Democrat Socialist Propaganda.

  2. SuperMax52 commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    A president without a country.

  3. SuperMax52 commented on Scott Stantis 1 day ago


  4. SuperMax52 commented on Jeff Stahler 3 days ago

    Stupid extremist cartoon.

  5. SuperMax52 commented on Clay Jones 7 days ago

    The Klan was/is the product of the Democratic party. Check your history book, buddy.

  6. SuperMax52 commented on Mike Luckovich 12 days ago

    I’ve bought all my meds from outside US for years. They are EXACTLY the same much less expensive. Big Pharma put me in bankruptcy once, never again.

  7. SuperMax52 commented on Jim Morin 19 days ago

    This is Amerika today. Comrades, we are finally stopping this Constitution nightmare that has hampered us in our goals of equality for all (but us few rich Leftists) Remember BLM and thank you George Soros for the millions of dollars you’ve sent to influence and control this, soon not to be so free, country.

  8. SuperMax52 commented on Steve Breen 19 days ago

    Don’t tell me that you’ve finally realized that the US propaganda machine not only exists but controls the thoughts and opinions of most ALL Americans

  9. SuperMax52 commented on Kevin Kallaugher 20 days ago

    Perfect because it’s true.

  10. SuperMax52 commented on Ken Catalino 20 days ago

    More mis-information. The ice cap in Antarctica has GROWN in each of the last two years. This push for global warming has in it a carbon tax. How does that help global warming? It only helps the rich get more money out of the shrinking working class pockets.