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  1. jf.salve commented on For Better or For Worse over 1 year ago

    yes Mike – in the grown up army you really do get to kill people if you go to war. A military for defense of one’s country is always needed – but war is not and killing is always a last sad resort. Many soldiers find when the time comes that coping with having actually killed another human being an awful thing to live with. War is not fun – but it is an increasingly frequent sad occurence

  2. jf.salve commented on Fred Basset about 2 years ago

    You big bully Fred – leave the bunnikins alone

  3. jf.salve commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken almost 3 years ago

    YAY !!!

  4. jf.salve commented on For Better or For Worse almost 3 years ago

    Guess that’s why she’s an ex