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  1. chfields commented on Matt Davies almost 4 years ago

    Ever wonder why you never hear of things like this happening in Switzerland? Thats because they require every citizen to not only own guns, but be trained on how to use them. They have the lowest gun crime rates in the world.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims.

  2. chfields commented on Lisa Benson about 7 years ago

    Amazing how selective memory works….Left wing organizations such as ACORN (lets not forget Obama was their lawyer) that sued the big banks forcing them to lower the lending standards so the poor people could buy houses too….Who out there actually thinks any bank/banker would lend money to people who can’t pay it back without having a gun held to their heads. This is what caused the mess we are in. Now I don’t condone the greed and deception, however, the people who took the loans knowing full well they couldn’t pay it have to take responsibility. I think it’s nuts that those of us who actually pay our bills should have to foot the bill. Now, the bonus’s at companies that were failing and needed to be bailed out is incredulous, but the government telling people how much they get paid is a very slippery slope….We need less government and more of letting free enterprise work. If you fail, then so be it…there are plenty to pick up the slack….