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  1. c92509 commented on Clay Bennett about 4 years ago

    There is no war on anyone what is really needed is for people to be RESPONSIBLE for their actions. An oune of prevention is wort MORE than a pound of cure. I don’t suppose there are too many RESPONSIBLE people about these days.

  2. c92509 commented on Steve Benson about 4 years ago

    If we continue with this current government and their penchant for dissolution of our Constitution while eliminating OUR rights the right to vote will be a thing of the past. They’ve already succeeded in circumventing the 22nd amendment what’s next? I’ll tell you SUABJECTATION

  3. c92509 commented on Committed about 4 years ago

    Just think what it would be like driving an Asian knockoff that skimps on mass to get a little better mileage even worse How about one of those SMART? cars. I saw one on a flatbed tow truck after being sandwirched between two sedans. The front and rear wheels were pushed into eachother and the top was cut open to extricate the occupants (which probablt didn’t make it.

  4. c92509 commented on Signe Wilkinson about 4 years ago

    “Obomo” conservative? He’s as far left as you can get so left he is Marxist If he’s re elected the whole economy will collapse as what happens when socialism is the way of life – Yeah – let’s continue the folly of letting someone who NEVER held a private sector job tell us how to create jobs. The ostriches in the crowd only believe what they hear and haven’t the wherewithal, chutzpa, or courage to look past their ears. They chastise the proverbial 10% but without that proverbial 10% they would have NOTHING. What happens when the 10% fail to exist? Look at the once powerful Russia then tell me. Socialism is doomed to fail as no one will work for nothing and those who want entitlement will not work.

  5. c92509 commented on Mike Luckovich about 4 years ago

    Our government is on a mission to disarm the populace so it can impose martial law. An article by Bob Livingston America’s Newest Vaccination will demonstrate that we are presently being indoctronated. Our present leaders(you know who) want to disolve our rights as well as the Constitution of The United States and once we are disarmed we will no longer be citizens but SUBJECTS! I will forward a copy of the article to anyone who wishes contact me at k92509-54@yahoo.com

  6. c92509 commented on Signe Wilkinson about 4 years ago

    Given the fact that Obummer has NEVER held a private sector job I say he’s done an awsome job of converting us from a capitalistic society to government enslavement AKA socialist society. A socialist society can only exist when someone else fronts the money when the well runs dry we are ALL in deep S**T Look what happened to the once powerful USSR

  7. c92509 commented on Mike Luckovich about 4 years ago

    Obama’s TV ads play on the fact that Romney only paid 14.5% tax on the reported $20 Million he EARNED That is $2.9 MILLION in taxes. Now Middle class (loose term) people who have zero ambition and only want a paycheck if they make say $250K /will pay maybe 28% is about $8.9K or about 3% of what Romney paid. Given that it took quite a lot of time energy and money (it takes money to make money) to EARN the $20MM and you can bet a fair amount of income for others was generated while earning that $20MM but you NEVER HEAR THAT REPORTED BY ANYONE especially by the liberal media

  8. c92509 commented on Mike Luckovich about 4 years ago

    The jobs are overseas because the American public will NOT buy domestic products. Example look at all the Asian autos on the road. Given the choice Americans will buy cheap imported items over higher priced domestically manufactured products They want to bellyache about jobs leaving the US but won’t support domestic business. Then there is the state and federal government who TAXES business out of business and other regulations that further inhibit profits If there is no incentive to provide jobs then there will be no job creation

  9. c92509 commented on Signe Wilkinson about 4 years ago

    Would you like to know where we as a nation are headed? Copy and paste this link if you care about our nation


  10. c92509 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel over 4 years ago

    People are too free with the Nazi reference. Had any of you been affected by the Nazis as I have you wouldn’t be so quick to use that description. I witness too much apathy regarding grammar and spelling which has been brought about by ”political correctness” and the unwillingness to apply oneself in school. I have noticed that education in general has declined since the mid 60s to the point of high school graduates being functionally illiterate