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  1. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News about 21 hours ago

    :) me too. I try to limit myself at the website. Not very successfully, but I try.

  2. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News 1 day ago

    the old strips are always available at the website www.breakingcatnews.com

  3. DewSolo commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 14 days ago

    Unless you bring the marinade to a good hard boil and keep in boiling for a few minutes, it could be full of what ever bacteria happened to be on the meat, like e. coli. If you want to use the marinade as a sauce, don’t put all the marinade on the meat, save some separately, keep it refrigerated in another container until the steaks are done.

  4. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News 17 days ago

    I, for one, like having a new strip every day. I know no matter what the day has in store for me, there will be a smile or laugh waiting for me at Breaking Cat News. And at the end of the day, no matter how hectic it’s been, I know I can relax with the boys and read a lot of good comments. And if I need a bigger fix, I can go back and read the last few comics all at once.
    And if it’s been one of “those” days, I can head to the archives and read one of the sagas.

    I hope Georgia will find a way to do some of the long elaborate stories now and then. The ones she’s done already ought to be put in book form and published. And maybe make some $$$$ from royalties.

  5. DewSolo commented on On A Claire Day 26 days ago

    I can’t READ them, but I find I can listen to them as audiobooks when I’m driving.

  6. DewSolo commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    No, but the person handing out the punishment should have checked with the person who would be enforcing the punishment before handing it out.

  7. DewSolo commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    I can relate to Ellie. When our boys were little, my husband would deal out that sort of grounding. No TV, no Nintendo, no Legos or Hot Wheels, no play dates, no this that or the other…..all the things that kept them busy while I was trying to cook, clean, and maybe have a cup of tea. Then he’d waltz out the door, go to his nice office filled with grown ups. Leaving me to deal with an upset and then bored child or two. It was worst when the grounding was for something that I didn’t think needed a grounding.

  8. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    The line the mice have been taught to say is, “The Golden Mouse is still with us, and I can take you to her.”
    Which I take to mean that the mice think Wicket will want revenge on the Golden Mouse and so will follow the mousie who tells him that. He’ll follow her right into a trap the mice have had set up for 25 years.

  9. DewSolo commented on The Other Coast about 1 month ago

    We have an underground house, deer on the roof are common. But we have no coyotes to keep them in check.

  10. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    I really love how just after Alice says “BAM! Never see it coming—-”
    SWOOP & SNATCH happen.

    Wonderful comic/tragic timing, Georgia!