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  1. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News about 18 hours ago

    And don’t forget the toddler.

  2. DewSolo commented on Kitchen Capers 10 days ago

    So having figured out the sugars, my question is about “single cream.” Is that more or less the same as the American Half & Half?

  3. DewSolo commented on Kitchen Capers 10 days ago

    You mix the caster sugar in with the milk and eggs, the demerara sugar is sprinkled on top of the dessert after it is baked, before you broil it.

    I goggled both terms. Caster sugar is super fine sugar. In the US it’s sometimes called bar sugar, berry sugar, or instant dissolving sugar. Being so fine, it dissolves quickly in cold liquid. It is NOT the same as powdered sugar; that is very, very fine sugar that usually has cornstarch mixed in. You can often find superfine sugar at the grocery story, either in the baking aisle with the other sugars or with the booze or bar supplies. Or you can make your own by grinding regular sugar in the blender or food processor.

    Demerara sugar is an unrefined sugar with large, yellow or tannish crystals. The closest you’ll find int he US is probably muscovado or turbinado sugar. At the grocery store you’ll find, in the sugar section of the baking aisle, a product whose brand name is “Sugar in the Raw,” that’s turbinado sugar.

    Looking at this recipe, I think common brown sugar would work nearly as well, as in “Broil Grapefruit.”

  4. DewSolo commented on Kitchen Capers 17 days ago

    12 sausages, serves 4. That’s 3 sausages a piece, so it’s probably not big kielbasa. Maybe breakfast links? I can see this as a good brunch dish.

  5. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News 17 days ago

    I’m really loving Christmas in July.

    I read the whole arc a month or so ago when I was having a really bad day and needed a pick-me-up. It was a wonderful story then and just as good the second time around. I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments and cat (and dog) stories.

  6. DewSolo commented on Thatababy 26 days ago

    We used to have a CD/DVD player that had no buttons on it, you HAD to use the remote.
    note: we USED to have.

  7. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    My two girls are very fussy about the freshness of the water in their “bowl” (It’s actually a plastic tea cup that sits on the edge of the bathroom sink – they probably think they are sneaking water from my cup.) They won’t drink out of a bowl on the floor or an automatic water thingy, but a bowl left in the tub under the faucet with a small trickle of water keeps them happy if we are going to be gone for a couple of days.

    Very fussy about the water in the cup being fresh, but when they are outside, they like mud puddle water.

  8. DewSolo commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    “I am really looking forward to how the Go Comics readers are going to react to the Christmas special. I hope folks will enjoy it!”

    The other day I was feeling down and just rereading the last couple Go Comics BCN strips helped, but not enough. So I went to the website to look for something new (new to me, that is). I was browsing through the “topics” and found something called Christmas Special. It was just what I needed! And I’m so glad I was able to binge read all the strips at once. I’m not sure I could have taken the suspense if I had to read them one at a time over several days.

  9. DewSolo commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    According to my husband who grew up in an area with a large Finnish population, there really aren’t any Finnish swear words. About the worst ting you can say translates to something like “go to the devil.”

  10. DewSolo commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    The other day at home I was getting very frustrated with some work related problems and the &^%$ computer I have to use for work. I’m not sure exactly what I called the computer and my bosses, but my son popped into my “office” and said, “Gosh Mom, you must be really upset. I’ve never heard you use that word before …. except in the car.”