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  1. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown about 4 hours ago

    Lyn seems to consider himself not human.

    The types of people who survived the End have included unmutated humans, anthros, rats, and monsters. But there are other things that don’t seem human, like the dittos, the Oracle, the resurrection tree, and maybe the Lucraneans. They may or not have originally been human.

    Lyn appears to not just control dittos, but be made of them. He could have mutated into them, or have had his mind “uploaded” to them. Or he’s a parallel Lyn that’s passed through the soul fountain and reincarnated in ditto form in this universe. He could remember his Holly and be trying to reconnect with her, any of her in the multiverse, but Wally is in the way. In ditto form, he could be losing his humanity.

    We can make assumptions of what he’s not. He’s not the entity that possessed Jim, because that was hostile to Holly. He’s not all the dittos because some of them are friendly to Wally, and indifferent to most people.

    He seems to inhabit some dittos, and now realizes if Wally controls them, Wally can control him and maybe erase him.

    He says Wally’s friends are safe, but he may not consider Holly one of them. Holly is his friend and wife, and she may not be safe, as much as Lyn wants her to be. Against his wishes, he may need Wally’s help to save her..

  2. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Eek! about 5 hours ago

    “Larry? Larry Tailbutt?”
    “That’s Talbot.”

  3. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Doonesbury about 5 hours ago

    The large ones make bigger balloons. What, isn’t that what they’re for?

    They make funny noises when you let the air out of them, too. You can use them again and again to make noises. The funniest noise was from an old lady who asked what I was doing when I put one to my mouth and I said it was okay, I’ve used it before.

  4. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Diamond Lil about 6 hours ago

    He should eat grits. Then next time he’ll know the difference between grits and granola.

  5. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Buni about 6 hours ago

    That’s going to play havoc with the solar system.

  6. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Brewster Rockit about 6 hours ago

    Do something, Brewster, or Earth will be under their thumbs!

  7. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Breaking Cat News about 6 hours ago

    I’ve caught the red dot. It lives inside a little metal tube. I’ve managed to trap it inside and make it do my bidding.

  8. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Bent Objects about 6 hours ago

    Great act, but he could only do it once.

  9. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Beardo about 6 hours ago

    HBO stands for Home Box Office. If you consider it an asset, you could end up with a box for a home and office.

  10. Coyoty GoComics Pro Member commented on Basic Instructions about 6 hours ago

    Ain’t no thing like me, except me.