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  1. strictures commented on Tank McNamara 40 minutes ago

    If only the umps would call the strike zone as the Little League umps do, the games would be faster & less boring.
    Pitchers wouldn’t be burning out their arms, either, due to throwing so much.

  2. strictures commented on Non Sequitur 42 minutes ago

    No it’s not.
    That line was first said by the mission control crew for Apollo 13.
    And they didn’t fail, they worked their asses off to find a solution & got the crew home safe & alive!
    Apollo 13 never made a landing on the moon, but what those “boring guys in white shirts” did is easily one of the high points of the space program.
    There were & are genuine heroes.

  3. strictures commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    No, you’re being laid off & being replaced by two people in The Philippines who together will make a quarter of what you do.

  4. strictures commented on Tank McNamara 6 days ago

    It’ll never happen. The babies won’t drink any beer, so the Cubs will lose money.
    Wrigley Field is the largest open air beer garden on Earth & the neighbors lawns with brown spots are proof of that!

  5. strictures commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    I’ve heard of kids baffled by dial phones.

  6. strictures commented on Tank McNamara 9 days ago

    You want lousy, live in Chicago & be a Cubs fan!
    The only thing they win is the most beer sold per person at the ballpark.
    Plus the most drunk fans using everyone’s front yards as their toilet.

  7. strictures commented on Tank McNamara 14 days ago

    But you need money to get the hottie, so you have to win tournaments.
    Since he’s doing better since the bust up, she must have been very, very needy!

  8. strictures commented on Non Sequitur 14 days ago

    Guess what?
    You & the rest of the world have been getting bargain prices for prescription drugs for decades, because the American people have been paying the entire freight for all the drug research in the world!
    We have no price controls on drugs because the Republicans won’t allow them. So all the other countries control drug prices, so the cost of research must be made up somehow & we get the screwing!
    Plus, the US & New Zealand are the only two countries that allow drug ads on TV, which just raises the cost of the drugs. I don’t know why NZ allows them, but here it’s always given as a 1st Amendment issue. All the FDA needs to do is make them read all the warnings on the package insert & those 30-60 second ads will turn into 20 minute infomercials!

  9. strictures commented on Tank McNamara 16 days ago

    That’s an excellent idea as 80% of those who go to Wrigley don’t care about the game.
    It’s America’s largest outdoor beer garden, sun bathing & pickup spot, all in one.

  10. strictures commented on Tank McNamara 18 days ago

    Tweets from actors & other “celebrities” make me wonder if they ever had a brain.