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  1. SmokyStover commented on Tank McNamara almost 5 years ago

    Sports Jerk of the Year: Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins for snubbing the White House invitation to honor the Bruins as NHL champions. Tim is rude, confused, and too self important to attend an event to honor his own team.

  2. SmokyStover commented on Ziggy over 5 years ago

    Lots of confused comments today from pschearer et al. Regualtions have saved lives and made cars more efficient. If a manufacturer cheats by making parts smaller that’s the manufacturer’s fault, not the regulation’s fault. By the way, be thankful that the government drove manufacturers to add the following: headlights, brake lights, backup lights, windshield wipers, and unexposed gas tanks, to name just a few.

  3. SmokyStover commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 5 years ago

    The for profit colleges are a joke. We used one of the big name for profit colleges at the last place I worked. Employees could sign up for courses and could even work on getting degrees from the college and our employer paid the tuition and books. Most of the people who went were average or below average workers but they all passed and many got A’s. Of course, they didn’t really learn anything. I got first hand accounts that showed teachers “helping” students with their tests and offering “extra credit” for little or no effort so that the number of passing students could be maintained. If the student did not get at least a C then they had to reimburse our employer for the tuition and books. And if too many students got grades below C then our employer would have terminated the contract with the for profit college. And the workers who graduated continued to be average or below average workers and none of them pursued jobs in their so-called new fields of expertise. Recently, Congress has threatened to cut Federal aid to these for profit colleges and the colleges have responded with a major advertising campaign showing how important they are to students getting new skills and jobs. Were you fooled by this advertising campaign? I would seriously question the skills of anybody who gets training or a degree from a for profit college. The cartoon does a great job describing the situation.

  4. SmokyStover commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    Mr. Trump. You’re fired…

  5. SmokyStover commented on Tim Eagan over 5 years ago

    In addition to our current energy problems (coal and oil pollute and add to global warming; nuclear energy is uneconomical - you must store nuclear waste for 80,000 years, wind isn’t plentiful enough) we have the near-future problem: we are running out of oil worldwide and coal will follow quickly when the oil runs out. Nuclear fusion isn’t practical yet and may never be although it has fantastic potential. That leaves solar power. It’s too expensive now but when the cost of other fuels gets too high then solar will be the choice. There are already new homes being built that are energy neutral, that is, they produce as much energy as they use. That is the best long term solution for now; new construction practices and materials coupled with solar cells and geothermal systems for the home.

  6. SmokyStover commented on Jen Sorensen over 5 years ago

    The Koch Brothers are the biggest threat to our national security. Is anybody paying attention?

    Soon, there will be no unions and then, no voice for the American worker. Economic slavery will be complete.

    Why should business owners and elected officials have the only say in an enterprise’s or government’s operations? They don’t represent labor. Why is it proper for them to have a say and for labor to have no say?

  7. SmokyStover commented on Tim Eagan over 5 years ago

    Unions are the only organizations that support workers. Businesses and the government which is too often controlled by businesses do not ensure that employers will be fair to workers and that work environments will be safe. Once unions are gone, so will any voice held by workers. Sure, some unions are bad, but so are some businesses and some governments. Should we abolish businesses too? I for one am thankful that we are not required to work 16 hour days 7 days a week and that little children are forbidden to work in factories. It took unions to make those changes. Businesses opposed those changes.

  8. SmokyStover commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 5 years ago

    Did you know? In Bush v Gore, the 5 justices who stopped the recount in Florida declared in their ruling that they were against states rights, a position that they strongly held in all their opinions prior to and after Bush v Gore? That the Bush v Gore ruling was the most activist ruling ever made by the Supreme Court and that the so-called “originalist” Scalia played an extremely activist role? Did you also know that Sandra Day O’Connor should have recused herself because there were at least 2 instances where she stated publicly that she wanted Bush to win and would fix it so that the outcome was correct? She wanted to retire but did not want to be replaced with a nominee from a democratic president. Wake up conservative dupes! Scalia and his thugs are fooling you.

  9. SmokyStover commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    Reagan lucked out when he happened to be president when the USSR collapsed. His revisionists still try to give him credit for his luck. As for me, Reagan is a deadbeat who owes me money. Think he’ll ever pay his debt to me?

  10. SmokyStover commented on Tom the Dancing Bug almost 6 years ago

    It’s really simple. Anti-government people murder people. Pro-government people do not murder people. Gun nuts murder people. Gun control advocates do not murder people.