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  1. aaron9287 commented on My Cage about 1 year ago

    Dun dun dun. The ploy thickens…

  2. aaron9287 commented on Lucky Cow over 1 year ago

    Our public schools at work

  3. aaron9287 commented on FoxTrot Classics almost 3 years ago

    What in the world made him think she was the best person to tell that joke to?

  4. aaron9287 commented on Luann about 3 years ago

    ladyfingers, judging from the smile, it’s a pretty safe assumption she’s teasing him a little.

  5. aaron9287 commented on Adam@Home about 3 years ago

    Simpsonfan why don’t you take a look at the unemployment rate under George W Bush until the Democrats took control of Congress, and tthen compare it to the unemployment rate under Obama then get back to us.

  6. aaron9287 commented on FoxTrot Classics about 3 years ago

    They should probably stop and get the industrial sized fish oil based on the way they’re eating.

  7. aaron9287 commented on Adam@Home about 3 years ago

    I do recycle but it’s also a racket for trash companies to make money. The companies sort through all of the garbage. All you’re doing with that bin is making their job easier. Plus they sell all of it.

  8. aaron9287 commented on B.C. about 3 years ago

    Great idea. if only my school wasn’t 7 miles away from my house.

  9. aaron9287 commented on Garfield about 3 years ago

    There was one very similar to this years ago…