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  1. r0sc0e commented on Agnes 1 day ago

    Annie Oakley, the creator of the Oakley Sunglasses, duh!

  2. r0sc0e commented on Bloom County 11 days ago

    Donald Trump on the line. He wants a case.

  3. r0sc0e commented on Cornered 11 days ago

    The way some people load up their plates the first time there is no need to go back for seconds~!

  4. r0sc0e commented on One Big Happy about 1 month ago

    I think David Gilliland would appreciate this.

  5. r0sc0e commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Winston Churchill
    Rashi, (Solomon ben Yitzchak)

  6. r0sc0e commented on The Barn about 1 month ago

    Is this a metaphor of Congress?

  7. r0sc0e commented on Grand Avenue about 1 month ago

    So what are we going to do today?
    Take over the world!

  8. r0sc0e commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Not a good pic of Dick(head) Cheney but accurate in all other ways.

  9. r0sc0e commented on Tim Eagan about 1 month ago

    And the Brits just sold the Russians more weapons!

  10. r0sc0e commented on Flo and Friends about 1 month ago

    Thank you, Capt. Obvious!