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  1. johndh123 commented on Lisa Benson over 6 years ago

    Jade said, about 2 hours ago

    “for one who attempts to elevate one’s own position as compared with an exagerated negative example of another’s.”

    •Conservatives and their gay-bashing? Heh, you know, like how a guy who dumped his wife when she got into a car accident for a younger model (McCain) talks about how morally ‘deprived’ honorable gay soldiers are?

    Jade……somewhat in the same vein, for some much sought out equivalency, lets take a look at John Edwards. I will not rehash his marital infidenity, [certainly his bears the same scrutiny that you feel McCain deserves], but something I believe to be closer to your heart; remember when he debated Dick Cheyney and he cited Dick Cheyney’s daughter’s sexual preference? We all have our moments, but I feel you try to be fair within the, say, ‘confines’ of your political and personal beliefs. Why do you think he mentioned that within the debate? In short, lets just say, I don’t think he was trying to be magnanimous. ;)

  2. johndh123 commented on Lisa Benson over 6 years ago

    Whatroughbeast said, about 2 hours ago

    The world’s coming to an end! Ken Warren actually posted something without “conservatives and the far right” in it. :=)

    Ah yes, but he could not help himself….when the CURRENT Prez is falling short on DEEDS….he said he would accomplish with his own WORDS…bring out the FORMER President! as toasteroven was right on….move along!

  3. johndh123 commented on Jim Morin over 6 years ago

    psssssssssssssst…..Ken……I reminded you a couple of comic strips back that George Bush is NO LONGER PRESIDENT!! Comeon….NOW you have been reminded….at least take a shot at someone in charge….you know..big business, special interests….comon…ANYONE to leave President ‘Change and Transparent’ Obama untouched fella!

  4. johndh123 commented on Lisa Benson over 6 years ago

    Ah….I looked into the back yard…and I saw a rather big reptilian slithering away from my lawn mower….then I thought….GOODNESS….how I miss BrianCrook and his blathering nonsense! Miss ya, you madcap silly goose you!

  5. johndh123 commented on Michael Ramirez over 6 years ago

    dtroutma….I must come back for a comment or two ….BUSH is NOT the president! Remember how YOU and your ilk LOVED to lampoon President Bush for NOT getting it, what, 8 months into his presidency? Then VOILA…the TWIN TOWERS came DOWN! But THAT was his fault…right? We on the right were soooo unfair to even suggest that President Clinton fell alseep at the switch! So which is it??? Hold the previous president accountable for the inept showing of the current one OR let him account for the CHANGE…annnnnd the TRANSPARENCY….and business will NOT be ‘AS USUAL!’
    WMDs? Simple suggestion for a simpleminded sycophant….talk to the IRANIANS and KURDS…and see if THEY consider GAS ATTACKS asWMDS….!!

  6. johndh123 commented on Dana Summers over 6 years ago

    I am back for but a moment….Ken…..er…….President Bush is NO LONGER PRESIDENT! …and with due respect for the current President…..he has done NOTHING to change the perception of the imperial and impervious presidency….so hop back into your box with your incoherent, and baseless ramblings……for you to fulfill my wishes…THAT is CHANGE I can embrace!

  7. johndh123 commented on Jeff Danziger over 6 years ago

    Jade, Thank you for attributing the comments to whom they belong. Having said that, to fredgold…. leerab… tcolkett…. who took so much time, hatching their comments with such a wide brush….I will paraphrase what they are saying in essence…” Palin, Bauchman….doesn’t matter….they are ALL from the party of HATE!”
    tcolkett….”there’s a fruitcake uprising going on in this country that is extremely dangerous…” I think part of the problem is that President Obama has a different view of our standing in the world and surely what is best for this country. His so called ‘transparency’? I am not attributing that to him unfairly. He said HIS administration will be all that! Obviously, although not as bad as President Clinton’s version of what the word ‘is’ really means, President Obama has given us lip service, nothing more. And you suggest that it is the ‘fringe’ in this country that has usurped the will of the people? I don’t think so. The true usurper is sitting in the White House. His onerous ‘ends justifies the means’ approach will keep this country divided.

  8. johndh123 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 6 years ago


    I must agree. Public puffing should not be allowed just as alcoholic beverages are not. I think that the sudden surge of ‘medical marijuana’ outlets lends validity to the concern that ‘medical marijuana’ is farcial. Nontheless, if people want to find their ‘Nirvana’ via MJ, go for it dudes! (and dudettes too ;) )

  9. johndh123 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 6 years ago

    true Jade…

    Sure looks mellow doesn’t he….

  10. johndh123 commented on Ken Catalino over 6 years ago

    ah yes, myhaircut,

    Let’s have balance! Now I am being forced to check out any story about spontaneously combusting cars! Of course, would be unfair to mention this unless there has been like, six, seven or eight years of problems associated with these GM vans, right? Has there been like 50+ fatalities associated with this GM problem? No matter, lets put that in under the ‘fairness doctrine’ eh?