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  1. locoboilerguy commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    “Posse Comitatus Act” after is was amended in 1981 does not include the National Guard if called up by that state’s governor for use in their state and a adjacent state with that governor’s permission. The US Coast Guard is also not under the control of the PC Act as they are part of Homeland Security.
    I imagine the idiot governor does know this unlike yourself.

  2. locoboilerguy commented on Lisa Benson 11 days ago

    11-29-06 Mike Luckovich cartoon shows Bush presidential library as a outhouse.

  3. locoboilerguy commented on Michael Ramirez 15 days ago

    This is a good point. Considering my wife and I live on 25K a year just fine are we planning on putting these kids through college.

  4. locoboilerguy commented on Michael Ramirez 22 days ago

    I think we need to be more proactive.

  5. locoboilerguy commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Is it me or does Moses look like Mel Brooks.

  6. locoboilerguy commented on Lisa Benson 5 months ago

    Statistics can be skewed in a number of directions. Yes I found both these reports. The official US report does not include the administrative cost of the programs which is considerable, the other one does. Its also not clear about what a family receives as it only seems to be talking about individuals. The one very good report stated that its about $168 a day for the average family and that is $21 an hour. Now after you subtract taxes from the average American salary you are getting about $21 an hour.

    So sorry TM but there is some merit to the argument that there is no incentive to work. Personally I am old and my wife and I live on a combined wage of $12.12 an hour. We accept no assistance from anyone nor have I ever in the past. My heathcare costs are approx. 20% of my income just for the insurance and supplements. But I am being told I am being given something and its a entitlement. After paying a small fortune into Social Security, Medicare and in taxes for my working life (14 year of age to 66) it just flat out sickens me to watch people who have contributed nothing to society nor ever will scream what we owe them so they can live. All I know for sure is the people with the food stamp cards in the line at the store in front of me buy much higher priced food products than I can afford.

    Anyone who believes the system is sustainable and isn’t broke needs to share with me whatever flavor Kool-Aid they are drinking.

  7. locoboilerguy commented on Shoe 7 months ago

    He never stopped.

  8. locoboilerguy commented on Michael Ramirez 7 months ago

    Its nice to see that even on Christmas Eve for some civility still does not exist. Name calling is the haven of those less gifted in verbal exchanges. Have a happy whatever it is you celebrate. Me while not a bible thumping moronic rightist will still give pause for the reason for this holiday.

  9. locoboilerguy commented on Lisa Benson 7 months ago

    The only happy people I have come across so far are the ones who will get their policy subsidized. They of course are claiming they are saving money. But in reality others are just paying for the savings. My prescription drug plan went up 140% and I am still waiting on the other one but its going to be ugly I imagine.

  10. locoboilerguy commented on Michael Ramirez 8 months ago

    My rates only doubled. This could be the biggest transference of wealth since the 16th amendment.