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Wit of the World

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  1. jollywizzard commented on Sweet and Sour Pork over 2 years ago

    Old folks who know more than who won American Idol.

  2. jollywizzard commented on Boomerangs over 2 years ago

    VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!!! People are not equal, just their right to work their asses off equally.

  3. jollywizzard commented on Gary Varvel over 3 years ago

    Keep on drinking the Kool-aid but please don’t vote.

  4. jollywizzard commented on Jen Sorensen about 4 years ago

    When you want to know about Fords you need to listen to more than just Ford dealers, in this case MSNBC/DNC. You are not getting the complete story unless you listen to a variety of sources which you obviously are not.

  5. jollywizzard commented on Mike Luckovich over 5 years ago

    Open your eyes, man. Just because they all wear suits doesn’t mean they are the same, it’s the R’s that have a plan, not your leader.