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  1. furrykef commented on Condorito 6 months ago

    Somebody forgot to export the black ink layer or something.

  2. furrykef commented on Condorito 11 months ago

    I pressed the button for the previous comic and I get a 404.

  3. furrykef commented on Condorito 11 months ago

    Can’t even spell “snif”, huh?

  4. furrykef commented on Gaturro about 1 year ago

    Pero, ¿¿de qué lado cayó??

  5. furrykef commented on Calvin and Hobbes en Español about 1 year ago

    Did you guys translate this with Google Translate or something? “Plain old _____” does not mean “simple _____ viejo”. How can you sleep at night doing such a horrible job?

  6. furrykef commented on B.C. over 1 year ago

    dflak, it’s funny because we don’t know what Curls did. Some things are best left to the reader’s imagination.

    I’m not saying I found this strip hilarious or anything, but I understand what Mason was going for.

  7. furrykef commented on Condorito over 1 year ago

    Why does the cigarette suddenly switch from his left ear to his right ear?

  8. furrykef commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    Pronunciation is not grammar.

  9. furrykef commented on Frazz almost 2 years ago

    I didn’t learn the Pythagorean Theorem until high school. I’d heard of it before then, but I didn’t really know what it was or what it implied, and I certainly couldn’t recite the formula from memory.

  10. furrykef commented on Frazz almost 2 years ago

    Also probably more thought than went into the assessment tests.