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  1. furrykef commented on Gasoline Alley 2 months ago

    SPRAY-PAINTED WOOD?!? How could that ever be confused with real gold?!?

  2. furrykef commented on Jen Sorensen 2 months ago

    If he said anything like that, I’ll eat my hat.

  3. furrykef commented on Gasoline Alley 3 months ago

    dkram: more likely they would have identified it as the tenth year of Nero’s reign. The “ab urbe condita” system of dating was relatively uncommon.

    In any case, coins from Nero’s reign do not have dates of any kind on them.

  4. furrykef commented on Condorito 7 months ago

    The word balloons in the first panel are pointing to the wrong characters! How did that happen??

  5. furrykef commented on Condorito 11 months ago

    No, estamos en octubre…

  6. furrykef commented on Condorito 12 months ago

    No doubt funnier than the real dialogue would have been.

  7. furrykef commented on Condorito over 1 year ago

    Somebody forgot to export the black ink layer or something.

  8. furrykef commented on Condorito about 2 years ago

    I pressed the button for the previous comic and I get a 404.

  9. furrykef commented on Condorito about 2 years ago

    Can’t even spell “snif”, huh?

  10. furrykef commented on Gaturro over 2 years ago

    Pero, ¿¿de qué lado cayó??