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  1. locuran commented on Garfield almost 5 years ago

    To those calling foul on all the ‘no 9/11’ comics, please consider that some of us who suffered a loss might want a little escape from it all. Perhaps we’d like to be able to heal and move on, including having a laugh or two. Personally, I respect those comics more if they CAN make me laugh today.

  2. locuran commented on Stone Soup about 5 years ago

    On the bright side, while the work will be just as mind-numbing, at least he’ll get paid for it.

  3. locuran commented on Stone Soup about 5 years ago

    Being the one who had to watch younger siblings while my older one didn’t because mom didn’t ‘trust’ her, I can say I don’t agree with forcing the older kids to watch younger ones for anything other than necessary business. A camping trip does not fall in that category.

  4. locuran commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 5 years ago

    Given Horace only needs to stand on two limbs and makes his own coffee, I’d say it’s still going in a proper direction.

  5. locuran commented on Pooch Cafe over 5 years ago

    We have no bananas today.

  6. locuran commented on Stone Soup over 5 years ago

    Too true. My sibs and I are adults and I still feel I’m pushed into a corner when I have to deal with them and my mother.