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  1. Linguist commented on Ballard Street about 17 hours ago

    Bravo !

  2. Linguist commented on Andy Capp about 17 hours ago

    Welcome back, stranger. We’ve missed you.

  3. Linguist commented on Ballard Street about 19 hours ago

    Nelson just had this terrible feeling,
    That the termites were eating his ceiling.
    Before he could call,
    through the floor did he fall,
    Now, the cost of repair has him reeling.

  4. Linguist commented on Andy Capp about 19 hours ago

    Hola Affie,
    Lots of honey do’s today, so I’m not staying long.
    Re: Quitting Smoking
    Before I really quit cigarettes, for good, I’d quit a thousand times before, tied a pipe (several times ), tried cutting down ( from 2 packs a day + ) etc.etc.etc.
    I finally got rid of habit I’d had since age 12 by doing a 3 day fast and detoxification program. It worked for me but…the real reason it worked and continues to work – over 30 years later – is that I not only wanted to quit but was ready to quit !

    I decided that I did not want some thing controlling my life – be it cigarettes, alcohol, or anything else ! My life would not be ruled by an addiction !!

    You can’t really give up anything until you are really ready, willing, and able to.

  5. Linguist commented on Shoe about 20 hours ago

    I had a roommate back in my Greenwich Village days who would listen to The Met broadcast on Saturdays, and conduct , while watching the baseball games on television.

    I bought him a conductor’s baton for his birthday….little did I know ….

  6. Linguist commented on Tank McNamara about 20 hours ago

    Whatever happened ( he says rhetorically ) to the Olympics being strictly amateur competitions ?

  7. Linguist commented on That is Priceless about 21 hours ago

    Mermaids practicing for Hillery’s acceptance speech.

  8. Linguist commented on Pickles about 21 hours ago

    Like many relatives on her side of the family, my mother went prematurely grey in her late teens/early twenties. She had her hair,“tinted” – as did lots of women of her generation.

    Growing up, I always thought my mother had blue hair. !

    It wasn’t until her later years that she was talked into a lighter, peach color for her meticulously coiffed hair.

  9. Linguist commented on Non Sequitur about 21 hours ago

    Selfies are a lot better than handing the camera to a stranger and asking them to take a picture of you.

    I have to disagree with you. Over the years, in my travels, I have met and developed ( no pun intended ) acquaintances and friendships over someone asking me to take their picture or my asking them.

  10. Linguist commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 21 hours ago

    Soon we’ll be hailing King Donald of Rump Trump !