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  1. Linguist commented on Kliban about 11 hours ago

    " That book was my intro to Kliban, and like Norman, I’ve been a sucker ever since. "


    My introduction was about 40 years ago. I was introduced to his work via an ex, who was a big Kliban Cat collector.


    I discovered, quite by accident , his “other side” back in the late ’70’s, and have been a fan, all these years.

  2. Linguist commented on Shoe about 12 hours ago

    What / You talkin’ to me ?

  3. Linguist commented on Herman about 13 hours ago

    Another Miserable Monday !

  4. Linguist commented on Pickles about 13 hours ago

    Most couples, over a long period of matrimony, develop a thick hide and a wicked sense of humor. Sarcasm and irony can be used as weapons in the domestic wars or they can be used as mutually deprecating humor.


    I don’t see this as a dark or disrespectful remark. Rather, it’s a flippant slip-of-the-tongue meant to to be funny, but bound to get Earl into trouble, for letting his mouth outrun his brain.

  5. Linguist commented on Non Sequitur about 13 hours ago

    Perhaps, that pendent is rather pedestrian, in his pedagogical pronouncements ?

  6. Linguist commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 13 hours ago

    The Trump Tribbles are on the loose ! Even Shatner can’t stop them !

  7. Linguist commented on Looks Good on Paper about 14 hours ago

    Beat your opponent into submission. That’s the American way !

  8. Linguist commented on Kliban about 14 hours ago

    I have such a comment about sucking toasters but…..

    I will say, it’s one of my favorite Kliban

  9. Linguist commented on Doonesbury about 14 hours ago

    There are some things that never go out of style.

  10. Linguist commented on For Better or For Worse about 14 hours ago

    Tweenagers and sceenagers develope and perfect that Seletive Hearing Ability – much to the dismay and irritation of their parents ( which of course is a bonus ).

    This skill will be honed to virtuosity, by the time they’re married.