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  1. Linguist commented on Looks Good on Paper about 12 hours ago

    “…It has zip to do with Evolution period. "

    I know that. Which is why I deliberately hyphenated the pun. As my grandmother used to say; " When you dance with the devil, he calls the tune. "

    Re: Neanderthals, I apologized to them on another strip.

  2. Linguist commented on Ballard Street about 12 hours ago

    Lots and lots – which is one reason I keep my hair long.
    When I went in the Army and they gave me the standard GI haircut, the barber even joked: " Lead with your head much ?"

  3. Linguist commented on Andy Capp about 12 hours ago

    Let me give you my 7 words I live by. They ( or the more sanitized 5 word version ) have stood me in good stead ALL my life.
    " Don’t Let the Bast^^ds Get You Down "
    or in other words:
    " Don’t Let It Get You " !

  4. Linguist commented on Tank McNamara about 14 hours ago

    One miraculous, a$$-saving game doth not a winning season make.
    Next week the go up against those poor, hapless New England Patriots, who a bereft of quarterbacks and assorted other players but have one thing Buffalo lacks….Bill Belichick and a football team that plays as a team !

    If I were the Bryan twins, I wouldn’t be too quick to leave Buffalo, yet. One game, no set and definitely, no match !

  5. Linguist commented on Non Sequitur about 14 hours ago

    Please don’t confuse the Neo-Neanderthals who support the would-be Emperor with real facts about how the United States Government work !
    And don’t destroy the delusions of the unhinged masses of deconstructionists and ant-cons by trying to explain how the real world operates !
    Let them have their misogyny and misanthropy and their conspiracy theories, fundamentalist beliefs, and their evolutionary and climatological disbeliefs. God’s on their side, after all !

    Me ? I’m sitting back in my expatriate paradise and watching the circus with a mixture of shock and cynical amusement.

    Oh, and apologies to the real Neanderthals. You were smarter than this bunch will ever be.

  6. Linguist commented on Looks Good on Paper about 15 hours ago

    “…. It might cost him votes in certain quarters.”

    Not among the majority of his fans – the Neo-Neanderthals !

  7. Linguist commented on Andy Capp about 15 hours ago

    “The classics relied more upon situations and visual humour which for me breathed more life into the strips.”

    Agreed and seconded !

    One of the many, many reasons that I am a big fan of Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur , Jerry Van Amerongen’s Ballard Street and the late Jim Unger’s Herman is their tremendous talent at conveying visual humor combined with the verbal gag.
    All are truly creative and rarely repetitive.

    The expression both Miller and Van Amerongen give to their characters – particularly their non-human ones, are pure genius.

    Miller, as well as being a brilliant satirist is really a fine artist. The attention to detail in his strips in unrivaled.

    Reg Smythe had that ability which unfortunately, for us, the Three Stooges lack. I’m looking forward you doing some CPR on poor old Andy Capp !

  8. Linguist commented on Kliban about 16 hours ago

    Love and life on Two Moons Island.

  9. Linguist commented on Kliban about 17 hours ago

    I always knew that the sun was just one gigundous, flat screen tv !

  10. Linguist commented on Doonesbury about 17 hours ago

    Instead of Dancing With The Stars, he’ll be Dancing Behind Bars !