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  1. sarah413 commented on Tank McNamara 19 days ago

    Is Trump really from the islands where the H in some words is silent? Hair loss sounds like air loss.

  2. sarah413 commented on Non Sequitur 19 days ago

    I’d rather have this than people who don’t know how to use the following words: they’re, there, their, your and, you’re. The sound you hear is that of Beaker’s head exploding (Think The Muppet Show and Dr. Bunsen Burner.)

  3. sarah413 commented on Tank McNamara 20 days ago

    This is one time I’ll agree with The Donald. Season ticket holders of the teams that are sent to London and Mexico City are being ripped off by the league. If the league is so bent on sending teams to those aforementioned cities, then they can send the season ticket holders over as well. ON THE LEAGUES DIME!

  4. sarah413 commented on Lio 20 days ago

    Has Lio discovered a new species of whale called the Zipper Whale?

  5. sarah413 commented on Tank McNamara 21 days ago

    Well, after all , he was successful in quickening the demise of the U.S.F.L.

  6. sarah413 commented on Non Sequitur 22 days ago

    Actually, it came from Mars.

  7. sarah413 commented on Lio 22 days ago

    Ishy to the rescue!!

  8. sarah413 commented on Lio 23 days ago

    @ubbm Smile, you….

  9. sarah413 commented on Tank McNamara 23 days ago

    That idea came from Jack Nicklaus. He felt that it was time to allow other European players the chance to participate. Turns out that it was a brilliant idea.

  10. sarah413 commented on Candorville 24 days ago

    Many traveling think that the rules only apply to the rest of the passengers, not to them.