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  1. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 1 day ago

    Although a Deadhead myself I must warn against equating fans of the band both now and back in the day with hippies of the 60s. The original hippies were far more diverse in their opinions, (and taste in music), than your average deadhead 20 years after the death of Jerry.

  2. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 1 day ago

    I have seen a number of recent interviews with Scalia and have become concerned about his mental state. In one C-Span interview he was actually asked if he thinks he might be losing some of his intellectual capacity (he’s 80 years old) and he laughed and said if he thought he was he would resign. Yet a minute later he defended his record on campaign finance reform (Citizen’s United) saying it was all good because although limits had been raised everything had to be publicly disclosed, apparently unaware that the new rules did allow dark money to “unaffiliated” PACs.

    And his recent written decisions have been very snarky and openly question the intellect of his fellow justices. This trend is relatively new and one has to wonder if it is a sign of “grumpy old man syndrome.” I personally think he is losing his grip and would not be surprised if he really embarrasses himself before retirement (medically forced or voluntary).

    Given the trend to appoint ever younger justices to a life long term (in order to preserve a President’s legacy) I think it is time to put a 25 year term limit on all Supreme Court justices.

  3. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 4 days ago

    Well I had grown up being told that drawn and quartered meant the body’s four limbs were tied to four different horses (drawed) who then puled the body apart into four parts (quartered). But according to the Internet drawn means being dragged to the gallows behind a horse. And yes disembowelment is the same as having one’s entrails pulled out, I did not mean to imply otherwise. So I guess my only legitimately sourced beef with Rall’s timeline is that in Plantagenet and Tudor England at least, partial hanging followed by disembowelment was common.

  4. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 4 days ago

    So we are to assume that the innocence project, that has freed hundreds of prisoners, including some on death row has a 100% success rate? I think the law of averages would imply that some innocent prisoners have been put to death.

  5. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 4 days ago

    Animals were routinely put on trial and executed in Europe up to the 18th century if not later. Typical would be a pig convicted and killed for being a witch. Not sure about Romans cutting down trees but there are numerous examples in ancient Greek history of inanimate objects like bones and animals being punished in the legal courts.

    And the very word scapegoat comes from the ancient tradition (Jewish I think) of writing a one’s sins on a placard, placing it around a goat’s neck and then running it out of town.

  6. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 4 days ago

    Actually at least in England back in the day certain criminals were first hung until almost dead, then disemboweled and their entrails burned while they watched, then when they were dead they would be drawn and quartered.

  7. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell 3 months ago

    Just have to say that i love the artwork on this one. The glowing sky, cherubs, angry elephant. Really good execution keep it up.

  8. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Lio 3 months ago

    G I guess that will have to doo.

  9. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    I think Rall has his facts mixed up. The U.S. did help create the Islamic State group, but that happened in Iraq where their leader was first radicalized in a US detention camp, and then took over the al-Queda affiliate in Iraq before being forced to retreat into Syria where they gained strength and then re-invaded northern Iraq and elsewhere. The US also tried to deliver some training and small arms to Syrian rebels but this did not amount to much as they could not ensure they were not abetting terrorists as well. So while Islamic State does have numerous US weapons these were taken from the Iraqi Army when they fled from the Islamic State incursions. There is no credible evidence that the US is directly supporting the Assad regime that I know of.

  10. Arghhgarrr GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 months ago

    Pig is ready for the Haight but he will be broiled bacon in the Mission dressed like that.