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  1. Bruce4671 commented on Arlo and Janis 4 days ago

    so all you guys that SAY we need to quit messing with “nature” seem to think it ok to confine cats indoors. Some take away claws AND the ability to reproduce.

    Cats are born to hunt let them have a little dignity

  2. Bruce4671 commented on Stuart Carlson 7 days ago

    uhhh the cooling is cyclical and we have had 20+ yrs of it already…..

  3. Bruce4671 commented on Clay Jones 7 days ago

    So our military is unable to defend themselves because they are not legally able to carry arms. Yeah…been there done that.

    Why? Because our military can not “operate” in a military capacity on us soil by law. That is so the government can not mount an immediate armed response to civilian protest though people at Kent state would beg to differ.

    So NOW the people have decided to respond to the very real threat made and carried out by ISLAMIC extremists by standing as a civilian armed force (militia which every citizen of a certain age is a part of according to the constitution) between those that threaten our nation and those that protect it in the rest of the world.

    And all YOU can do (you know who you are) is ridicule the very actions that have delivered this nation from attacks in the past.

    Where will you be and what will you be doing when the beat goes down?

  4. Bruce4671 commented on Steve Breen 7 days ago

    Gee, I’m confused.

    Man is a part of nature, being naturally evolved (according to scientists) from primate ancestors through billions of years.

    So isn’t anything done by man a “natural” event?

    Notice I do not disagree that man has an will continue to impact the environment. Just that since man is a natural phenomenon, the impact is “natural”….. think about it.

    So, perhaps you can force people to quit using fossil fuels, but how many people will THAT kill since most everywhere in the world using some form of combustion is the only way to produce energy and thus raise quality of life…think about it.

    OH that’s right…carbon credits where rich people pay a fee to produce carbon and poor people get a pass to produce more of the same. How EXACTLY does that help?

    And of course we have billions of years of records to go by…or wait make that hundreds of actual records and billions of years of research into the geological record with findings that support the fear but not a single thing about the cooling periods that went along with the warming ones.

    So yeah, the climate is changing. So it’s a bad thing?

    If all the water trapped in land bound ice melted, the land mass would be reduced substantially. Why my home state would be cut in half (I would have water front property… finally). Lot’s of small island nations would disappear … I wonder if the ancient cities found under hundreds of feet of ocean that were build on the dry land around during the time ice covered half the northern hemisphere worried about sea level?

    When are we going to quit pointing fingers yelling and calling each other names and figure out a way to do what all good viruses do and spread out to other hosts?

  5. Bruce4671 commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    This is from 2005. Maybe some of you would like to read it.


    “A common public perception is that global warming will accelerate the melting of polar ice sheets, causing sea level to rise. A common scientific position is that the volume of grounded Antarctic ice is slowly growing, and will damp future sea-level rise. At present, studies supporting recent shrinkage or growth depend on limited measurements that are subject to high temporal and regional variability, and it is too early to say how the Antarctic ice sheet will behave in a warmer world.”

    So while I would have to move north (in another 15K years should I live so long) and islands would indeed disappear, there would be ample water for irrigation of the remaining land mass (should we learn how to actually live and work together) to feed us all.

    Yes deserts would bloom and each would live under his/her own fig tree….

  6. Bruce4671 commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    really? In the future? Dude. Who does the shopping for you?

  7. Bruce4671 commented on FoxTrot Classics 9 days ago

    refined sugar plus molasses = “brown” sugar….. in case anyone finds themselves in that dire strait

  8. Bruce4671 commented on Arlo and Janis 11 days ago

    Seafood..especially shellfish ..tend to “decompose” rapidly in the heat. THUS, one should bag the shells and FREEZE them until the collection day. No muss no fuss……

  9. Bruce4671 commented on Lisa Benson 12 days ago

    point taken though not agreed with. the word killing is just as emotional to me

  10. Bruce4671 commented on Lisa Benson 12 days ago

    you should re-read my comment….