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  1. Bruce4671 commented on Steve Benson 40 minutes ago


    we all know the actions of Bush and Obama. There is nothing wrong with Islam, being a Muslim, attending a mosque, praying as many times a day as you want whether standing, kneeling or sitting facing any direction you so desire. The problem comes when you think that your way is the only way and you must insure that your god is not insulted by the presence of those who do not conform so you advocate the removal of their head.

    Christians have learned this.

  2. Bruce4671 commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    have you been listening to the (worthless) campaign rhetoric from Hillery and Bernie? Both of them are promising more and more “free” stuff from there policies. So where is that money coming from? They will “borrow” it. so no if you want to reduce the DEBT Hillery is not the obvious choice.

    But really, which party stands for reduced spending? Neither establishment party.

    So when do we start looking outside the box?

  3. Bruce4671 commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    19 trillion dollars in debt. So why should we think that either party wants to curb spending? That’s why we need to get rid of both “established” party members and elect those that can and will work for the people. Those in power want to stay in power so that they can divert all that free money into their own accounts.

    But no, here we go again with the left wanting to put one of two people into power tht will not only increase the debt but destroy the constitution and take
    freedom" (we have so little left) from us all. Not to mention that the left’s front runner still has to get the current president to pardon her for her blunders in office. BUt that’s who you guys want.
    On the right we have a egomaniac running proudly in first place. Nothing more than a businessman seeing an opportunity to get his place at the trough of public funds and spreading hate and division while he is at it.

    And all the while you live in denial of the truth.

  4. Bruce4671 commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    yes and the balanced budget came from a republican congress. so what’s yer point?

  5. Bruce4671 commented on Lisa Benson 5 days ago



    for what it;s worth……….

    Are we really going to go down this road again? Are we really going to put a person in office simply because it’s “their turn” or because it’s a woman and it’s time?

    Hillery Clinton is a failed public servant in that she did nothing of import as Sec. of State and led the cover up of a terror attack for political expediency.
    <br. Why is she even being considered?

  6. Bruce4671 commented on Tom Toles 10 days ago

    another “new” idea when there is already a mechanism in place, paid for and actively used by one and all.

    We already have to produce ID to avail ourselves of myriad products and services. Why do you find it so onerous to apply these same values to voting?

    In the bill of rights amendment 14 and 15 it expressly states that voting is the “right of citizens” and that said right shall not be abridged. OK, so the question then remains, how does one confirm that they are indeed a citizen and then qualified to vote?

    One may register to vote by mail without producing any documentation other than their sworn statement on the registration form.

    National ID? come on. every state issues ID’s on a daily basis.

  7. Bruce4671 commented on Nick Anderson 11 days ago

    here is an interesting little web site:


    now don’t get all in a tizzy. Planned Parenthood has it’s place. Millions of women benefit from their services. And, yes, there are circumstances that would include abortion as an answer. Certainly a tough enough decision without all the political rhetoric that you guys seem to revel in.

    The real question is, who should pay for it. Yep, I’m one of those guys that think each of us should pay our own way.

    But that’s a whole other can of worms, what with all the greed and hording of cash by those evil capitalist.

    If planned parenthood can profit from the sale of fetal tissue, then why is there a problem? Oh, that’s right, PP receives federal funding as a “non-profit” organization.

    But, really, just treat them like they do my SS check. Reduce federal funds by the amount of profit from the sales.

    Moral issues? The USA has forsaken morals a long time ago.

    Just my opinion……..

  8. Bruce4671 commented on Pluggers 14 days ago

    and you could sit in there with the motor to work on it,,,,

  9. Bruce4671 commented on Glenn McCoy 15 days ago

    look carefully. yes, it is meant to be hillery. however, when the toon first appeared, I thought trump.
    so, perhaps we should be thinking a Freudian slip here on the part of the toonist and recognize the both candidates leave a lot to be desired.

    Really, when will someone other than a lying conniving corrupt greedy elitist run for office?

  10. Bruce4671 commented on Michael Ramirez 16 days ago

    good article but don’t expect anyone here to read it.

    So a republican governor is responsible for years of government abuse by all the other politicians in charge of a democrat controlled city.

    But party isn’t the problem. It’s greed and corruption. Where were those that saw the problem standing up for the people along the way? Who put the city into bankruptcy in the first place which eventually led to cutting funds for public services such as clean water supplies?

    Nope, easier to find a scapegoat…..