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  1. Bruce4671 commented on Clay Jones about 9 hours ago

    really guys? When will the “black” community clean up their own back yard, drop the segregationist hyphenated designations and join the rest of us as simply American? Oh yeah, life is not and never has been fair. deal with it.

  2. Bruce4671 commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    that’s why I use paint …….

  3. Bruce4671 commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    to bad Clinton is who the KKK endorsed

  4. Bruce4671 commented on Clay Jones 5 days ago

    SHE is suing NOT him.

  5. Bruce4671 commented on Nick Anderson 5 days ago

    once again liberal logic on display. Hillary Clinton gives access to our government process to FOREIGN contributors to HER so call charitable foundation (how much did they give to help the flood victims in Baton Rouge?) contributions in the millions of dollars. Liberals – wanting to continue the destruction of the country – see nothing bad about this and liken it to regulated campaign contributions?

    I swear you guys get less intelligent daily

  6. Bruce4671 commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    and yet you would prefer business as usual with a woman who lies when the truth will do fin, who is being supported by foreign nations that have aspirations of victory over the USA, who wants to continue to fundamentally change the USA specifically by changing or getting rid of the constitution, who has numerous armed guards around her but doesn’t see why any citizen should be able to own arms to protect themselves, a woman who thinks herself above the law and has the DOJ YOUR agency tasked to prosecute criminals and protect YOU cover for her and refuse to prosecute crimes that any other citizen would be in jail for ANF finally has a press that will not report truth on her.

    America…. that fall doesn’t kill you it’s the sudden stop at the bottom.

  7. Bruce4671 commented on Bob Gorrell 11 days ago

    not till you get past the nurse practitioner …..

  8. Bruce4671 commented on Baldo 18 days ago

    learning to live together starts with taking the hyphen from your designation. no more “blank” American just American.

  9. Bruce4671 commented on Lisa Benson 20 days ago

    sorry, politfact is a liberal support machine. However, Clinton only lies about the major stuff like her namesake or her arrival troubles or videos and terrorist attacks….

  10. Bruce4671 commented on Shoe 20 days ago

    he’s a “fish hawk” so “Bass Ale”