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  1. J. Mark Danley commented on Walt Handelsman over 2 years ago

    Can you blame him? When your Congress won’t do anything, you take action. About damn time!

  2. J. Mark Danley commented on Mike Luckovich over 2 years ago

    Is that anything like a buffet? Or are we talking about eating Jimmy Buffett? Or does he have a Margaritaville restaurant on the ship?

  3. J. Mark Danley commented on Ted Rall almost 3 years ago

    WTF? People don;t dislike Palin because she is WHITE, we dislike her because she’s an inept, lying half-term politician who can’t think before she speaks. If she had even half a brain she’d be dangerous.

  4. J. Mark Danley commented on Ted Rall almost 3 years ago

    So Obama hasn’t done ANYthing huh? So CONgress has nothing to do with government, is that what you’re saying? Republican obstructionism in the Senate and a House that voted 47 times to repeal his signature legislation has NOTHING to do with the lack of governance of the last 5 years? That ONE PRESIDENT is ALL that stands between the people and the laws we wanted when we voted for him? That his election was not the hard-fought battle for what we thought was right, but merely us liberals saying it was the black guy’s turn? That the LANDSLIDES of 2008 and 2012 was just America’s way of saying “Let the nice boy over there have a turn?”

    Sorry Ted, you just lost a subscriber for either your sheer stupidity or your total lack of cognizance of history

    Oh, and HERE is the list of accomplishments:

  5. J. Mark Danley commented on Rob Rogers over 3 years ago

    Five… Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy.

  6. J. Mark Danley commented on Marshall Ramsey over 3 years ago

    Except it wasn’t a threat… it was like someone telling a friend that they’ll regret eating week-old sushi.

  7. J. Mark Danley commented on Nick Anderson about 4 years ago

    Yeah… cuz that whole conspiracy thing makes perfect sense.

  8. J. Mark Danley commented on Nick Anderson about 4 years ago

    Not when it came to FACTS… he won style points by being an obnoxious overbearing boor.

  9. J. Mark Danley commented on Jack Ohman about 4 years ago

    New Mexico isn’t a swing state this year… Republicans have pulled out support for Heather Wilson and Democrats hold solid leads in all federal elections but CD2.

  10. J. Mark Danley commented on Steve Breen over 4 years ago

    Not sticking? How can you say they aren’t sticking when the media has been on this for two weeks? Talk about KoolAid drinkers!

    Mittens isn’t teflon… he’s nylon. Not the least bit real, completely artificial.