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  1. Steve commented on Cathy 7 months ago

    There was a sign on our office refrigerator: Bring your lunch for one day only. No “Costco-size” containers!

  2. Steve commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 7 months ago

    Is there some benefit I’m missing to saying “Oh this is a rerun” or “I’ve seen it before”? However are we to make amends to you and help you forget or un-see it?

  3. Steve commented on Cathy 8 months ago

    Ah yes, another winter of gals wanting the office kept at 80 degrees so they can wear their “cute” summer outfits all year around. Bleah. Put on a sweater if you’re cold.

  4. Steve commented on The Meaning of Lila 8 months ago

    A completely humorless woman, leading a mandatory sexual-harassment awareness workshop at my last place of employment, said to the wrong (or right, depending) boss: “It’s the office Christmas party. You, as a manager, greet the guests — the men with a handshake, the women with a kiss on the cheek. Is this inappropriate?” Burt replied “Not if you switch off from year to year.”

  5. Steve commented on The Meaning of Lila 9 months ago

    I went to college because that was what people are supposed to do after high school. Had a lot of fun but didn’t learn much. Ten years after graduating, I got interested in something else and decided to check it out at the local junior college. To my amazement, I got straight As and learned a lot. College is a whole lot different, and way better, when you’re an adult and actually interested in learning something.

  6. Steve commented on The Meaning of Lila 11 months ago

    I know people who believe that those deodorant crystals work. Nobody around them is fooled.

  7. Steve commented on Cathy about 1 year ago

    If she’s been eating nothing but cabbage soup for a week, I’d give her a couple days to detox before sharing airspace with her.

  8. Steve commented on Sylvia about 1 year ago

    I want Sylvia to finish the book. I really like what she’s got so far!

  9. Steve commented on Frazz about 1 year ago

    Rather, another thread tainted by homophobe crap.

  10. Steve commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 1 year ago

    Who’d ever have thought that “Mind your own business!” could be so controversial?