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  1. Steve commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    Well, that gives us a good image of “Duncan Idaho” — lips pursed to a razor-thin line, the other end pursed enough to rip the buttons off the chair upholstery. Stick to the Andy Griffith reruns; you’ll be happier.

  2. Steve commented on Cathy 4 days ago

    Once again, if the pants say they’re Irving’s size, they’ll fit him. No need to take ten pairs into the fitting room, or even one! Obviously Cathy is unused to shopping with men.

  3. Steve commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    It’s not so much that what used to be a ‘large’ is now a ‘medium’ as it is that I used to be a medium but have somehow become a large. Strangely enough, none of my old shirts have changed sizes, yet I have.

  4. Steve commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    Why would anyone read a comic strip and then comment just to say mean and snarky things about the artist? If you feel that Mr Mallett’s work isn’t for you, surely the vast Internet offers you alternative destinations.

  5. Steve commented on Cathy 2 months ago

    Sometimes you just have to let fate take its course. When I first moved to California and was looking for an apartment, all the ones I called at lunchtime to arrange to see were taken by the time I got off work at five. Finally I was so annoyed I looked at “furnished houses for rent” and ended up renting a furnished one-bedroom duplex right on the beach from an eccentric old guy — for $150/mo! Perfect for a young guy just starting out.

  6. Steve commented on Cathy 3 months ago

    A swimsuit is the absolute dumbest garment ever invented. It doesn’t keep you warm, it doesn’t keep you dry, you only wear it because others think you should, and it looks terrible on anyone who isn’t in great physical shape.

  7. Steve commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 3 months ago

    That may be the dumbest thing anyone’s said on the Internet today, which is saying something. It’s the Republicans who want “regulations” for something that’s never been a problem — but it does provide a nice distraction from the actual issues facing our country, like runaway defense budgets and income inequality.

  8. Steve commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 4 months ago

    Guess I’ll just take this strip off my list and come back to it after the elections. If I remember.

  9. Steve commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 4 months ago

    There is humor, and there is politics, and there is political humor. Unfortunately this strip barely manages the first, especially when it swerves off into the weeds like it did today.

  10. Steve commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 4 months ago

    Not funny, just sniffy and pointless.