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  1. Qiset commented on Sticky Comics 1 day ago

    I’ve invented the zero. What’s that? Oh, nothing…

  2. Qiset commented on Free Range 1 day ago

    they now come with video

  3. Qiset commented on Sheldon 1 day ago

    I was disappointed that Tom wasn’t in the rings movies.

  4. Qiset commented on Magnificatz 1 day ago

    today’s liberals don’t allow anyone to disagree with them.

  5. Qiset commented on The Sunshine Club 8 days ago

    AARP does act like a commie organization.

  6. Qiset commented on Lio 8 days ago

    It’s the Truman Comic!

  7. Qiset commented on Bliss 10 days ago

    They won’t be able to afford their drinks and will have to surrender the weapon if the Dems win.

  8. Qiset commented on The Wandering Melon 17 days ago

    I’m glad. Those humvee’s were got in the way of my F250 long wheelbase 4×4 superduty with the 6inch lift, ranchero bumpers and 40inch tires. They kept getting caught in the treads.

  9. Qiset commented on The Sunshine Club 20 days ago

    Great summary.
    Probably why those in congress choose to opt out of social security. And to think there is so much resistance to privatization of SS.

  10. Qiset commented on Thatababy 20 days ago

    I found out that if you feed feral cats, you can include the cost of the food (save those receipts!) as a charitable deduction!