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  1. Qiset commented on Tough Town about 11 hours ago

    so funny!

  2. Qiset commented on Ziggy 1 day ago

    Hmmm, idea for a theme restaurant?

  3. Qiset commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 1 day ago

    They just wanted him to show up at the convention. He was supposed to be there for supper.

  4. Qiset commented on Break of Day 1 day ago

    Now that there is more ice in the artic, do they deny it? After all it too is climate change.

  5. Qiset commented on My Cage: New and Old 3 days ago

    goes back further. Jimmy Carter then Bill Clinton put in place the housing policy that led to the bubble. It just happened to burst under Bush.

  6. Qiset commented on Graffiti 3 days ago

    he says this like it’s a bad thing

  7. Qiset commented on Lio 3 days ago

    A man blower might look a bit different

  8. Qiset commented on Ziggy 3 days ago

    And the song: “Some enchanted evening, you will meet a strangler…”

  9. Qiset commented on Buni 3 days ago

    But per the movie “I Robot” murder is one human killing another. No crime her, move along.

  10. Qiset commented on Herman 5 days ago

    it’s ok till he fids out it is $1 per bead…