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  1. montessoriteacher commented on Jeff Danziger about 11 hours ago


  2. montessoriteacher commented on Signe Wilkinson about 12 hours ago

    My college student daughter will be using an absentee ballot and mail it in. I hope we continue to have options as it is difficult for many to be in extra long lines. Many have jobs and/or children. People can’t afford to wait all day in a line. Others have illnesses and can’t physically manage to wait in a long line.

  3. montessoriteacher commented on Matt Wuerker about 13 hours ago

    Both sides are definitely not the same. Clinton won’t be perfect, but will be exponentially better as a president than trump could ever hope to be. The Democratic Party has evolved over the years in order to stay viable. The GOP will have to make a few changes as well. I have already heard that the GOP will adopt super delegates in the same way that the democrats have. The GOP will call them victory delegates but they will be the same idea as super delegates. Both sides have to appeal to a wide number of people in order to be viable.

  4. montessoriteacher commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 15 hours ago

    Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said yesterday that she wasn’t worried about a lot of Latinos voting against Trump because, “Latinos don’t vote.” Interesting thing to say on the part of Governor Brewer. I was astounded first and foremost that an elected official make a blanket statement about a whole group of people.

  5. montessoriteacher commented on Doonesbury about 15 hours ago

    I am not seeing many political signs this year. I did see one that said Trump/Putin. My only argument with that one is that the order should be reversed.

  6. montessoriteacher commented on Signe Wilkinson 1 day ago

    I’m concerned that there will be ugliness on Election Day. Trump voters have shown themselves to be pretty nasty many times… and there will also be nastiness after the election, given trump’s lack of class.

  7. montessoriteacher commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    I can relate to this toon. Gotta see Alec tonight…

  8. montessoriteacher commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    At least Hollywood isn’t in Russia.

  9. montessoriteacher commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    The latest goofy Trump item was today when he talked about replacing Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts. Right. So people with no money can put that money that don’t have into HSA’s. What an awful candidate.

  10. montessoriteacher commented on Mike Luckovich 1 day ago

    Let’s hope she mops the floor with him in November.