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  1. Nohwear commented on Joel Pett about 13 hours ago

    I feel like I am missing something here.

  2. Nohwear commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    I have to wonder, though, how of ten would the camera get "accidentally"covered up by those it is needed most on.

  3. Nohwear commented on The Grizzwells 2 days ago

    Especially is there is someone clinging to it.

  4. Nohwear commented on Matt Wuerker 2 days ago

    I think it is naive to think that EVERYONE would be paying attention with out their devices. A lot of the non interest was already there. The electronics just gave them an outlet.

  5. Nohwear commented on Rubes 3 days ago

    I think that this is his first political cartoon.

  6. Nohwear commented on Glenn McCoy 4 days ago

    And this would be different from W how? Other then choosing different parts.

  7. Nohwear commented on Jeff Stahler 4 days ago

    Unless I have missed something in the news recently this is just a cute little Thanksgiving cartoon based on Chic-Fil-A’s advertising campaign.

  8. Nohwear commented on Clay Jones 6 days ago

    Sorry to go off on a tangent here, but what does “elitist” even mean? If you mean a “chosen” few deciding what is best for the “unwashed masses” then conservatives seem to be the ones most guilty of that. Rather it is religious authorities, or the super rich.

  9. Nohwear commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    That or all things in moderation, including moderation.

  10. Nohwear commented on Henry Payne 6 days ago

    I think many conservatives DO want immigrants, lots of them. They just want them scared and with out protection or rights so that they can use them as basically slave labor.