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  1. Nohwear commented on The Big Picture about 13 hours ago

    It seems like a bad idea to invite Sherman over.

  2. Nohwear commented on Steve Breen about 16 hours ago

    Sometimes it seems like the only way to help Africa is to get all of the humans out of there.

  3. Nohwear commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    Clearly we need to make sports more isolating by banning all sports that do not rely exclusively on speed and agility.

  4. Nohwear commented on Free Range 3 days ago

    Definitely a humanitarian.

  5. Nohwear commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    More like, “You’re 18 now so out you go. Your stuff is on the law and the locks are changed. Oh and so is our phone number.”

  6. Nohwear commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    Silly military is the one and only proper use for tax money.

  7. Nohwear commented on Phil Hands 8 days ago

    I wonder if that is him?

  8. Nohwear commented on Michael Ramirez 9 days ago

    So would effective foreign policy be boots on the ground, or what ever Obama isn’t doing?

  9. Nohwear commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    FYI apparently actual practitioners prefer vodoun.

  10. Nohwear commented on Matt Wuerker 10 days ago

    I guess I should have indicated that I was being sarcastic, whoops.