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  1. Nohwear commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    Well DUH! If our government was completely controlled by Republicans than every other country would fear and and love us. And never EVER do anything that might possibly upset us in any way. Every TRUE American know that!

  2. Nohwear commented on Gary Markstein 8 days ago

    But we are the good guys and they are the bad guys.

  3. Nohwear commented on Phil Hands 15 days ago

    I have to wonder if that is a bad thing though.

  4. Nohwear commented on Darrin Bell 16 days ago

    For men, would people who do not believe men CAN be raped be a fourth, or would it replace one. I am honestly not sure. Also, I am sorry if this completely sidetracks things.

  5. Nohwear commented on Clay Bennett 17 days ago

    Is this a “War on Christmas” thing, or is their some congratz in order?

  6. Nohwear commented on Nick Anderson 17 days ago

    My big problem with capital punishment is that the sort of cases that call for it are very high profile gruesome ones. These are also the sort of cases that have a much higher false conviction rate.

  7. Nohwear commented on Steve Breen 17 days ago

    I would point this out. The Alaskan Pipeline is only is one state the proposed Keystone would cross multiple states. What this means is that in all likelihood each state would be responsible for maintaining their section of it. Which means that each would give different amounts of resources to do so.

  8. Nohwear commented on John Deering 18 days ago

    This is why I pay for everything in cash, small bill non sequential. And only shop out of the backs of truck or with guys who do not want to ask questions. : )

  9. Nohwear commented on (th)ink 19 days ago

    I wonder if he is back yet?

  10. Nohwear commented on Pat Oliphant 20 days ago

    I wonder how much longer till his return.