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  1. Nohwear commented on Jeff Stahler about 22 hours ago

    bows head in moment of silence

  2. Nohwear commented on Off the Mark 1 day ago

    Mind if I put you on Instagram?

  3. Nohwear commented on Robert Ariail 4 days ago

    And of course EVERYTHING is a choice.

  4. Nohwear commented on Signe Wilkinson 4 days ago

    It seems you could use this same logic to support a number of issue that conservatives are traditionally against.

  5. Nohwear commented on (th)ink 5 days ago

    Somehow it would not surprise me if this were true.

  6. Nohwear commented on Michael Ramirez 6 days ago

    I just have to laugh at how insane this is.

  7. Nohwear commented on Clay Jones 6 days ago

    You also have those that want their church to be like a social club. The kind you get into so that you can brag that I am a member and you are not.

  8. Nohwear commented on Joel Pett 11 days ago

    I wonder if it is Coke, beer or the koolade.

  9. Nohwear commented on Tony Auth 13 days ago

    Sigh, the more things change…

  10. Nohwear commented on Glenn McCoy 13 days ago

    Clearly the only rational solution is to nuke Texas! And if you suspect your neighbors of carrying this or any other disease then they must be bordered up in their houses and burned to the ground!