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  1. worldisacomic commented on Stuart Carlson almost 3 years ago

    to bad his first name wasn’t Al. As in Al Gore.

  2. worldisacomic commented on Ken Catalino almost 3 years ago

    He cannot lose something he never had. Chicago politics at its best!

  3. worldisacomic commented on Robert Ariail almost 3 years ago

    He not only feeds off of IT! he slings IT like no one else can!

  4. worldisacomic commented on The Duplex about 3 years ago

    Just wait till Obummercare kicks in! You won’t need a blood work up——-you will have become a statistic!

  5. worldisacomic commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    It is obvious that ARod lives in the land of OZ and not California. The socialist Democrat leadership is forcing cities to pay union wages and pensions for all work done. Cities lining up to file for bankruptcy with others already in bankruptcy. ARod must be related to the scarecrow (no brain)!

  6. worldisacomic commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    As accurate as your posted selfie!

  7. worldisacomic commented on Luann about 3 years ago

    No such thing as shrinkage here, right George?

  8. worldisacomic commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    You blew it piano guy. Now Obummer is going to sick the IRS on you because your a greedy entrepreneur

  9. worldisacomic commented on Wizard of Id about 3 years ago

    So he may lay over easy for ever Amen!

  10. worldisacomic commented on Gary Varvel about 3 years ago

    The only thing missing is between #2 and #3. Obummercare! God help us all!