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  1. Dr.Midnight commented on Big Nate 7 days ago

    Well said.

  2. Dr.Midnight commented on Gil Thorp 21 days ago

    Ha, ha! Excellent!

  3. Dr.Midnight commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Here’s a burning issue no one has taken up: what the heck is that white puffball in panel two???

  4. Dr.Midnight commented on Big Nate 2 months ago


  5. Dr.Midnight commented on Big Nate 2 months ago

    Season 5, episode 21: “The Perfect Mate”, guest-starring Famke Janssen.

  6. Dr.Midnight commented on Emmy Lou 3 months ago

    Enid: no longer in the top 100 girls’ names list in the US.

  7. Dr.Midnight commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    That’s because Brian Crane has very little interest in the character of Dan. This is a response he gave on his website:
    “I get asked this question quite often. Dan is Sylvia’s 2nd husband. He is a wildlife photographer and is usually off somewhere taking pictures. I created Dan many years ago for one reason; to get my then editor to stop pressuring me to do dating strips about Sylvia. I basically married her off so I would have an excuse not to do dating strips to please that editor. After that I had very little use for Dan. And that editor is gone too. That is while you will see him or hear him referred to only rarely.”

  8. Dr.Midnight commented on F Minus 4 months ago

    He has the last part wrong. It only takes one Lawyer to screw in a light bulb…but it really gets screwed!

  9. Dr.Midnight commented on Emmy Lou 4 months ago

    It’s not just you. They are scanning these in from old paper copies of the strip, so they are starting with an old strip that was probably printed on newsprint, and then scanning at most 600 dpi, but I’m betting 300 dpi is more likely.

  10. Dr.Midnight commented on Drabble 4 months ago

    Looks fun to me.