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  1. DNTME commented on Sarah's Scribbles about 17 hours ago

    Yeah, but who has the food? Not picky Miss Organic. Come the apocalypse, she’ll be among the first to go. As will all the skinny models and “beautiful people”. Also remember, the vegans will taste better than the carnivores or omnivores (i.e. the rest of us). Just sayin’

  2. DNTME commented on Heart of the City about 17 hours ago

    The fact that he risked his life to save the turtle proves he’s not all bad. An idiot, but not all bad.

  3. DNTME commented on Lio about 17 hours ago

    Probably something some kid put in the Dino’s claw as a joke.

  4. DNTME commented on Big Nate about 18 hours ago

    Peter is the kind of offspring who would have been culled from the village population by nature early on in bygone days. Better if he does not reproduce. In fact his parents probably should have not reproduced.

  5. DNTME commented on Peanuts Begins about 18 hours ago

    Mom had a unique way of getting me out from underfoot. She chained me up in the basement.

  6. DNTME commented on Peanuts about 18 hours ago

    “Linus Snaps.” Coming to a theater near you. Rated PG-RLL for Really Loud Language. Don’t see it alone. Bring ear plugs.

  7. DNTME commented on Lucky Cow about 18 hours ago

    Hurricane Clair is the only storm that is susceptible to an attitude adjustment. i.e. a punch in the face.

  8. DNTME commented on Heart of the City 3 days ago

    Maybe he found an old game and has been playing frogger for months.

  9. DNTME commented on Random Acts of Nancy 3 days ago

    Gonna make some noise are we?

  10. DNTME commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 5 days ago

    There is a tune that goes perfectly with their camp song from yesterday’s comic. It’s near the end of Brahms Academic Festival Overture. You can hear it here:


    If you paste the entire link in, it will go right to the part to which I’m referring. Play the melody in your head as you read the lyrics.