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  1. russnpat7 commented on Steve Breen about 1 hour ago

    She’s pure! She’s clean! She’s righteous! Let’s vote for her!

  2. russnpat7 commented on Steve Benson about 2 hours ago

    Access to appropriate medical care for medical procedures is important. EXCEPT, when it involves abortion. Then, nothing must stand in the way. The right for a mother to kill her child is sacrosanct. How far we have fallen!

  3. russnpat7 commented on Gary Varvel about 1 month ago

    Too bad the people who espouse tolerance, aren’t.

  4. russnpat7 commented on Gary Varvel about 1 month ago

    You are a perfect example of the trouble we are in. No ability to reason. Just call the values you disagree with “discrimination”. End of argument.

  5. russnpat7 commented on Looks Good on Paper about 1 month ago

    Looks good in pixels.

  6. russnpat7 commented on Joel Pett about 1 month ago

    Forgot the baby.

  7. russnpat7 commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    President Potty. I like it. It may stick. Appropriate legacy.

  8. russnpat7 commented on Henry Payne about 1 month ago

    I’m tolerant. As long as you agree with me.

  9. russnpat7 commented on Signe Wilkinson about 1 month ago

    We certainly defend perversion, don’t we? Help, we’ve fallen, and it doesn’t look like we we will be able to get up!

  10. russnpat7 commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    The old Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times!