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  1. russnpat7 commented on Steve Breen 4 days ago

    If I remember correctly, it was ILLEGAL immigrants that Trump was discussing. Let’s do something to restore respect for the law and for borders.

  2. russnpat7 commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    Yep, they love to hate him!

  3. russnpat7 commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    Yep, pretty much . . .

  4. russnpat7 commented on Beardo 5 days ago

    And if you don’t kill them, you get grand-babies!

  5. russnpat7 commented on Steve Benson 5 days ago

    Oh, how they love to hate him!

  6. russnpat7 commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    Looks about right.

  7. russnpat7 commented on Adult Children 10 days ago

    Looked up translations before reading comments. Good comic!

  8. russnpat7 commented on Ken Catalino 11 days ago

    Uh, you forgot Hillary’s baggage. Maybe that’s why she’s smiling. Hoping a lot of other folks forget her massive truth deficit.

  9. russnpat7 commented on JumpStart 22 days ago

    I’m thinking it’s Jesus, too. I’m rereading the gospels (middle of Mark now) and again amazed at the humility, the compassion, the righteousness (not self-righteous), the power of the Man. If the gospels are true, and I believe an honest examination reveals they are, then it is not a surprise that the cross of Jesus is the most significant event in history.

  10. russnpat7 commented on Steve Benson 22 days ago

    “think” she’s lying?