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  1. herdleader1953 commented on Dilbert Classics 4 days ago

    I like watching figure skating competitions. Beautiful women in short skirts floating gracefully across the ice.

  2. herdleader1953 commented on Candorville 5 days ago

    I am a staunch supporter of the men and women in blue and firmly believe that they are what stands between us and total anarchy BUT I cannot imagine any excuse for the shooting of that black therapist in Miami. The officer who pulled the trigger should be arrested and tried for his actions and sent to prison upon conviction.

  3. herdleader1953 commented on Doonesbury 11 days ago

    I’m thinking Columbo.

  4. herdleader1953 commented on Last Kiss 14 days ago

    They’re just trying to make a living folks. They need to pay rent and put food on the table just like us.

  5. herdleader1953 commented on Frazz 14 days ago

    @cabalonrye. What are you talking about? Trousers?

  6. herdleader1953 commented on Candorville 23 days ago

    Chicago has some of, if not the, strongest gun control laws in the nation. It also has over 300 murders in 2016. Add in those who have been shot and survived. Tell me again just how more laws will curb the violence?

  7. herdleader1953 commented on Candorville 29 days ago

    @David Lee Are you saying that 85-90% of Americans are for “guilty because the govt. says they might be bad guys and thus they should be denied due process of law”?

  8. herdleader1953 commented on Last Kiss about 1 month ago

    Check out the Ray Stevens song: “I’m MY Own Grandpa”.

  9. herdleader1953 commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    @needachuckle. Honey is the one who made the choice, not Duke. Duke would be just as happy (if not more so) if Honey was to walk away and never be heard from again.

  10. herdleader1953 commented on Dude and Dude about 1 month ago

    @whiteheron. She was Vinny’s fiancee.