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  1. herdleader1953 commented on Adam@Home 7 days ago

    @Doc Toon. I read that too. Didn’t explain how a camera would be affected. Really lame. A few years ago I walked into a gun show and was recognized by a friend of the younger brother of a friend of my younger brother who I had last seen in high school (I graduated in 1971). I was not only plumper but I wore a beard and different hairstyle and my hair and beard were white instead of brown. He remembered me because I played him and his friend simultaneous games of chess and beat both of them. You would think that Superman’s “Pal” and his “Girlfriend” would be able to recognize him.

  2. herdleader1953 commented on Dilbert Classics 14 days ago

    @Bruno. Rustler’s Rhapsody. A truly classic Western!

  3. herdleader1953 commented on Candorville 15 days ago

    @Apikoros. @griffon88. @ Timothy Madigan.

    “Am I on Candid Camera?”

  4. herdleader1953 commented on Herb and Jamaal 25 days ago

    She must not know very many guys.

  5. herdleader1953 commented on Frazz 30 days ago

    As the author Richard Amour once wrote “…the required reading list. Better even then artificial respiration for keeping dead authors alive.”

  6. herdleader1953 commented on The Buckets about 1 month ago

    The dinosaurs are just hiding. Check out “Dilbert” if you don’t believe me.

  7. herdleader1953 commented on Back to B.C. about 1 month ago

    I saw a clip on TV one time where a bronc at a rodeo did just that with a rider on his back. When the bronc came to his feet, the rider was still in the saddle. The rider won that particular competition.

  8. herdleader1953 commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    As this old timer recalls, report cards were signed by the parents and returned to the school so how did he find some of his dad’s old report cards?

  9. herdleader1953 commented on The Sunshine Club about 1 month ago

    I never learned how to swash a buckle. Maybe I’ll put it on my bucket list.

  10. herdleader1953 commented on Herb and Jamaal about 1 month ago

    We know who wears the pants in the family and it’s not you bitch. Shut up and go to your room (or preferably to a house of your own).