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  1. cabalonrye commented on One Big Happy 2 days ago

    No they don’t, don’t listen to you brother’s lies, Ruthie.

  2. cabalonrye commented on Luann 2 days ago

    the White Elephant

  3. cabalonrye commented on The Grizzwells 2 days ago

    Bad move, Pierpoint. If you had kept your mouth shut a little longer you would have had a bigger head start.

  4. cabalonrye commented on The Buckets 2 days ago

    Quit while the going is good, boy. Unless you want to be reminded of home and what happens when mom is annoyed.

  5. cabalonrye commented on Zack Hill 3 days ago

    Just like being welshed. You’re the last one to realise it.

  6. cabalonrye commented on The Other Coast 3 days ago

    So that’s how it started!
    Man appeared right after that and the dog thought it was man who gave him that squirrel. Canine devotion started right there.

  7. cabalonrye commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    Like that guy in the theatre who climbed on the scene to plug his phone in the outlet there (it was a fake).

  8. cabalonrye commented on One Big Happy 4 days ago

    You need Italian blood for that. Or at least Meditteranean blood. :)

  9. cabalonrye commented on JumpStart 4 days ago

    Updated fairy tale : the old wolf huffed and puffed but construction regulations had been updated and straw houses now had to be hurricane proof. The wolf fainted from too much huffing, sued the pigs for putting his protected species life in danger and laughed all the way to the bank. The end.

  10. cabalonrye commented on Over the Hedge 5 days ago

    I don’t hate deer, really. Especially well marinated and slow cooked in a nice wine sauce with onions…