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  1. Ouirsophuct commented on The Quixote Syndrome 3 months ago

    I’m nodding off and not because its boring…

    This comic rocks!

  2. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    We won the Cold War? Go try out your English language in Moscow and see how far it gets you.

    Nobody won the Cold War; the USSR just lost sooner than we did.

  3. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    At the time, only blindered partisans believed that Anita Hill was making it up. She took a huge risk, in retrospect probably foolish, in asking the boys in the Senate to enact consequences for sexual harrassment in the workplace.

    AS for being a rock star, which of Thomas’s published opinions is your favorite?

  4. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    The hypocrisy of “celebrating” Armistice Day here in 21st Century USA: After “The War To End All War” the widely-held feeling was that, now that everyone knows better, people would never again be duped into fighting wars of imperialism.
    I’m sorry that you all died. I’m furious that our government threw your lives away.

  5. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    Eeee … I don’t know. This has dragged on a little long. W is too difficult to satirize.

  6. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    Why do you even read cartoons if you have no sense of humor?

    On money policy, Obama is indistinguishable from W who was indistinguishable from Clinton. Clinton introduced the first budget surplus in very long time by unleashing the Cerberus of investment “banking.” W (and the rest of us dupes) acted like we had entered Capitalist Utopia. It was only a matter of time.

  7. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury almost 6 years ago

    yeah, like us Americans. We clearly know when to give up and start licking our corporate masters’ boots.

  8. Ouirsophuct commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 6 years ago

    Why that’s brilliant! The non-sequitur rambling of advertising spam is eerily similar to no-attention-span, amydala-driven behavior of lower order animals! Touche sir!

  9. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury about 6 years ago

    Economic policies have 3-4 year lag time. That’s right, I’m still blaming Bush for the current state of our economy. That’s why this cartoon is funny. Instead of trying to project an A$$-kicking legend, this president actually claims to think about how to address our problems – and that’s a liability with voters! Ha ha ha ha.

    It would be funnier if, as a result of all the thinking, Obama’s economic policies were actually different from Bush’s.

  10. Ouirsophuct commented on Doonesbury over 6 years ago

    …goes after Fox’s tendancy to over-dramatize while doing the same thing himself, while being much looser with the facts than Fox ever is. There’s a touch of hypocrisy going on when a critic uses the tools of whom he’s criticizing.

    You are comparing a “journalist” to a cartoon. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s entirely appropriate.