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  1. Ph8549 commented on Ted Rall about 4 years ago

    McCoy, a Conservative Politico Cartoonist, is critical of the Republicans Stance on Abortion as he should be
    Glenn McCoy? Why would he be critical of their stance? McCoy is extremely anti abortion, just like Republican.

  2. Ph8549 commented on Ted Rall about 4 years ago

    Ted used to be the #1 anti Bushite cartoonist. But based on his works the past few months, I assume he will be much happier with Obama gone. Then he can cry about bad old Romney and Ryan putting a wrecking ball to every cause he holds dear,

  3. Ph8549 commented on Robert Ariail about 4 years ago

    This Ariail is a clever guy, I like his material. He always does a good job, even when he criticizes the president. He’s not one of those hacks like Glenn McCoy or Ramirez, who got fired thankfully by the LA Times.

  4. Ph8549 commented on Glenn McCoy about 4 years ago

    When Obama is reelected, little McCoy the dope will not feel like drawing any of his insipid cartoons for the rest of November, that will be a nice break.

  5. Ph8549 commented on Glenn McCoy about 4 years ago

    I thought the reich wing said government doesn’t create jobs. McCoy is a world class kool aid drinker. His other cartoon Duplex isn’t too funny either. He’s a big dope. Maybe he’s on pot.

  6. Ph8549 commented on Mike Lester about 4 years ago

    nice straw man argument. suggest the president wants to shoot people in the head, and then criticize him for it. Lester is a sick man.

  7. Ph8549 commented on Stuart Carlson about 4 years ago

    capitalism only works if we can get communists to work cheaply and make our clothes for us.

  8. Ph8549 commented on Rob Rogers about 4 years ago

    why does the comic strip guy have to put a Mitt button on Mitt? Are we supposed to not know who the character is?

  9. Ph8549 commented on Michael Ramirez over 4 years ago

    I don’t get the premise of this cartoon, who is telling people what to eat? What law forces people to eat foods they don’t like? Ramirez is actling like this is food Nazism and if you don’t eat what they tell you, they will have you in a reeducation camp. It’s almost taboo in this country to insult fast food. Remember when they sued Oprah Winfrey for insulting beef?

  10. Ph8549 commented on Robert Ariail over 4 years ago

    This Mohamed Mersi, the new president of Egypt, is a professor of Physics, So if he’s that smart in a secular field of science, there is hope he’s not a hard line religio nut. Physics and mathematics guys are usually rational. The military said they will cede power soon, so we’ll see if they follow through.