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Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy about 19 hours ago

    Thanks Ken. We might disagree on almost everything when it comes DT but regarding the important things in life such as God’s peace it’s good to know I have a brother in Ohio.

  2. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy about 20 hours ago

    How old was the gentleman ?


    He was 85.

  3. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy about 21 hours ago

    Someone very important in my life, my Pastor passed away last night from cancer. Ironically he never smoked a day in his life

  4. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy about 21 hours ago

    Apparently I haven’t been paying close attention to the strip the past few years! LOL! I have no doubt Selfy is the murderer and Mysta had nothing to do with it. I simply won’t pant over her as certain others do. Just because she’s sexy doesn’t mean she’s as innocent as some believe. Maybe living in NYC my whole life instead of hillbilly land has made me too untrusting.

  5. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    She is a righteous, lovely person..fhofmann, I RESPECTFULLY disagree with you. In my opinion she’s an out of control vigilante who can’t be trusted with the powers she unnaturally received AND there is the possibility she’s not telling the truth about her memory. We shouldn’t forget that Mindy was obsessed with being Mysta.

  6. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Sam doesn’t look like he’s remotely interested in using his phone at the moment and diet’s cancer log seems to be going strong, unfortunetly.

  7. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Lovely Mysta pleads her case

    She hoped that Bellowthon felt disgraced

    While Tracy pondered if her words rang true

    Sam just shivered like a nervous fool

    Diet puffed on his cancer log

    Ignoring laws about nicotine smog

    Is Mysta being honest we’d like to think so

    But can anyone say for sure that wicked Mindy doesn’t know

    From birth until recently just who she used to be

    Her amnesia seemed to pop up just a wee bit conveniently

    For all we know she remembers all and is playing us all for fools

    Hopefully Dick can discover the truth he certainly has got all the tools.


    “And now, it’s time, to say goodnight to all our company,,,

    G.W. E. Everyone, see you real soon

    E. D. O. Overjoyed, Why, because we like you

    M. O. U .S. E!

  8. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Good thing he’s not trying to make actual money from it


    You mean I’m not getting a check from headquarters? Dang it! That’s the only reason I stay up late!LOL!

  9. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago


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    [pley-juh-riz-uh m, jee-uh-riz]



    an act or instance of using or closelyimitating the language and thoughts ofanother author without authorization andthe representation of that author’s work asone’s own, as by not crediting the originalauthor:

    What Pequod did is parody, not plagiarism.Hey JPW, I respectfully disagree with you.


  10. avenger09 commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Mindy was always second best

    lagging behind all the rest

    Never content with her natural looks

    She desperately searched through self help books

    Hoping to find true happiness

    Mindy thought surgery would bring her some bliss

    But all it accomplished was a personality flip

    Is this the end or just the icebergs tip.


    2nd one’s a freebie!