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  1. bueller commented on Jeff Danziger 16 days ago

    Crow, re: your first post – that’s all it tookto get The Smothers Brothers tv showcancelled. We’re probably headed backfor those days with the silent pluralityrearing its head…

  2. bueller commented on John Deering 22 days ago

    Old Coal , The housecleaning shouldhave started a few decades back withJ . Edgar Hoover, but of course, thatwas never , ever going to happen. And we both know what we’re seeingin the FBI today is the result of a mostlyuninterrupted chain of corrupt culture.The Washington Post’s recent article," Five Myths about the FBI " is a generalbut pretty good overview of how we gothere . The bureau has always maintainedit is non- political. Hoover started that myth,no doubt just to innoculate himself as he proceeded to build an agency that waspurely political.

  3. bueller commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago


  4. bueller commented on John Deering about 1 month ago

    Having drawn the above cartoon, i’llreply this way: I was a small town police officerin the 70’s, and i’m thankful that i’m no longercompelled to respond to domestic calls. Orfoolish questions.

  5. bueller commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Good likeness of an elementary schoolbully and his toady.

  6. bueller commented on John Deering 2 months ago

    Yes, if only someone would GIVE him the
    information , lol.

  7. bueller commented on Strange Brew 2 months ago

    Zin Rosenblum – " Sadly, the cat that scratched
    Ted Nugent would never be the same ."

  8. bueller commented on Darrin Bell 3 months ago

    OldCoal , Remember Agnew ? I’d rather not.
    Perfect wingman for Nixon, though.

  9. bueller commented on John Deering 3 months ago

    Kip , sounds good, except for the food part.

  10. bueller commented on Strange Brew 3 months ago

    MClsen, " Quickly, please , time’s running out…"