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  1. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall 4 months ago

    Me too ted… me too.

    Also, 2004: “no way bush will get re-elected after all that terrible last 4 years”

  2. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall 4 months ago

    Thanks for this awesome one Ted. I especially like the last panel about Economics. I’ve wanted to have a T-shirt that says “I don’t believe in The Economy” or maybe something more obviously parallel to an atheism argument. You line about Metaphysical Religion is better.

    Ever since James Carville this bizarre notion that economic thought is a liberal or leftist cause has prevailed. There was an organised radical objection to that in the Anti-Free Trade movements of the late 90s. But then 9/11 and patriotic stifling of dissent narrowed the parameters of the political discussion.

    Occupy was a flash in the pan. One reason it may have failed, among others, was the theoretical incoherence of so many claiming to represent it… some in favour and some against our ideology of the economy.

  3. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    Yep. This is my main criticism of the daily show/colbert. Sure it is funny to lampoon the right wing insanity but it’s pretty rare that they actually acknowledge the existence of any viable alternative to the right wing circus. I’m all for comedy and critique but if the Left is going to advance we need to pay attention more to what we are going to do than just what stupid things our opponents are doing. This isn’t exactly a new situation…

  4. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    Good for you Ted this work of showing the perspective of your enemy is honourable work but the majority will be scornful and derisive. I don’t know why it doesn’t rationally occur to them that this is something one is obligated to consider if one is to fight a war.

    In 2001 I made an art print for a school project of my face transposed with Osama Bin Laden called “Our enemies, Ourselves.” I was amazed how few people “got it.” I would get feedback like: “Do you want people to beat you up?” I still get stupid feedback, to this day, on that self-portrait.

    Keep up the good work.

    Did you ever read the March to Death comic by John Olday. Pretty amazing stuff. 1943. Pretty great bio I just came across: http://www.takver.com/history/meetings/olday.htm

  5. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    Teddy is irrational. 9/11! Irony? Gut off the heads of people in the neighbourhood! That is the way to end all terror and evil forever! Hooray, no more evil!

    Robespierre lives on in America, 2013.

  6. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    I wouldn’t be so sure. Throwing an underling under the bus isn’t really too much of a problem for the US military. As long as the Trillion Dollar annual war budget keeps increasing then all is fair in love and war. You can even oust a General for the wrong kind of love. Just make sure we keep bombing kids and you can have as much patsy justice as you like.

  7. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    pdchapin what will happen after you start taking these complaints seriously? Will you change the channel?

    As usual Ted Rall makes an irrefutable point about equality that is responded to with sheer nonsense from the opponents of justice and proponents of ignorance.

  8. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    Very good point to be making heir komrade.

    In Soviet Russia, they make your car drive the corn…

    Here is my car analogy: Gasoline is the fresh air we are globally warming, Food is the Air, Ethanol is the food, Money is the language, Air is the gas…

    And Bicycles are the thing that get you there as they are the only vehicle not stuck in the F.U.D.

  9. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago

    Climate Change deniers. Corn apologists. Nuclear power apologists…. What is the point of all the red herrings? We all get screwed by this BS destruction of the air water land food we need to survive. Splitting hairs about illelevent stuff. Even if your BS Red Herring argument were true Ted Rall’s comic is still on point. We can’t drive at the expense of the food supply – and that is the law.

    We need to stop driving cars in cities. Period. Cars are a manufactured need. Capitalism would be a good idea if it were successful at fulfilling people’s needs. But what actually happens is social animals are fed disinformation to make them want and buy things they don’t need and that gets funded because it is easier than real work – Capital maintains itself. That is the only logic of capitalism. And tool’s like Mr. Ima do the legwork of disinformation.

  10. bikerusl commented on Ted Rall over 1 year ago

    That is an insane comment. There are a million alternatives to switching to CCPI. The easiest one being the status quo – admitting inflation. Revolutionary communism is what you call the status quo???